Monday 29 September 2014

Rocking out..

Top - We Are Cow, Jeans - Primark, Trainer's - Converse, Hat - Missguided

Quite a different look from me here, as I'm normally very boho/colourful but with this look I embraced my inner rock chic and I LOVE it!! (Now all I need is for someone to take me to a rock concert and i'll be content, any offers?)

This top is actually my brothers, which is why it is so long on me.. he's rather tall!! So when I saw it there was just something about it that I immediately loved and I knew I had to steal it.. ooops!! (It's currently at uni with me now hehee, that is until he realises and I have to give it back, boo! :( lets just hope he doesn't eyy!) 

I styled this top with my black ripped jeans, which I bought from Primark as normal black jeans for only 8 squidd :o and here's how I did them - 1). So I put them on and cut little snips at the knees where I wanted the holes to be 2). Then I took them off so they were easier to cut and laid them out on the floor 3). Next I cut the snips into holes 4). Lastly I raggered the edges with tweezers (putting them in the tumble dryer also works really good!!) and WALLLLAAA!! New jeans, YAY!! Saved me alot of money too, which is always a bonus!! Finally, my hat and converse finished this look off perfectly!



  1. one of my favorite outfits on ur blog so far x3 really love your brothers shirt haha