Wednesday 26 July 2017

One walk... Two very different outfits

Trousers - Zara (sold out.. similar here) | Swimsuit - Asos | Shirt - Dog & Bone Vintage | Vans - Asos | Bag - Gran-Canaria | Necklace - Topshop | Sunny's - River Island

So these trousers have been a favourite of mine for a while now. I love the fact that you can dress them up with a little crop top and some platforms or dress them down (in my case here) with a funky body and a shirt.. suitable for any occasion! So I actually wore this outfit to go for a lovely summers day walk in with my bestie, and you can clearly see from the bottom picture that we both have very different ideas of 'let's go for a walk' outfits haha! I also apparently can't get enough of this swimsuit, yup I wear it with just about everything! (clearly still not over the holiday) 


Tuesday 18 July 2017


Top - Tommy Hilfiger (sold out.. similar in light blue) | Skirt - Asos | Shag Jacket - Lovers & Drifters Club | Shoes - Asos (similar) | Necklace - Topshop 

Sorry its just a quick post today as I'm super busy.. But how fabulous is this top?? (If only it was mine - yup it's the brothers.. all the clothes without the price tag is ok with me haha!) So I didn't actually plan on this outfit being so YELLOW but I think it works really well and it is summer after all.. even if England doesn't know it! 


Friday 14 July 2017


Skirt - Asos | Top - Asos (similar) | Shoes - Asos (similar) | Belt - Vintages rags (similar) |

Okay back to the holiday outfits and for this post I thought I'd add in a quick little snap of what I wore during the day too! So I'm really loving a yellow/black combination atm as I just think it's such a hot colour combo, perfect to rock throughout this summer... Oh and did I mention it looks fabulous with a tan? Win win! Also, for those of you guys who picture black and yellow and instantly think bumble bee.. put those images aside and rock this look with confidence because honestly it's such an easy combination to pull off and will have you loooooking fierce through summer!! 


Monday 10 July 2017

Fly Away / Airport style

Trousers - Charity shop (Similar here) | Tee - Zara (sold out but find here) | Vans - Asos | Necklace - Topshop | Sunnys - River Island | Bag - Gran Canaria 

Ok, so let's forget for a minute that I'm actually incapable of planing my holiday outfits from beginning to end in a fairly chronological order, and rewind to the beginning of the holiday.. THE AIRPORT - I mean everybody loves a good airport outfit, right? And who doesn't love the airport? (on the way there that is) .. cocktails before you fly, a good nosey around duty free, your whole holiday ahead of you to look forward too, it's great! (The way back, not so great) So yeah, I mean you've got to think your outfit through, you want to be comfy - MAIN GOAL -while still looking stylish and rocking that whole Victoria Beckham chić look! So for me, these trousers were the perfect match and ticked all the right boxes. Next, pair with a comfy vintage looking tee (that's actually from zara) whack an over the top pair of sunnys on (because who doesn't like to look a bit extra in the airport? Haha! .. I mean It's your perfect opportunity to go all out Kardashian) Then lastly, finish off the look with some comfy shoes and a bag (that you battle with all day) big enough to fit in all that unnecessary crap you couldn't fit in your suitcase because you're already overweight.. (because a girl (or guy) can never have too much stuff right?) Thus a perfect airport outfit is born! 


Friday 7 July 2017

The perfect HOLIDAY dress

Another day, another HOLIDAY outfit...

Dress - Asos | Belt - Princess Polly | Bag - Zante | Sandals - Asos (similar) | Necklace - Topshop

So this probably has to be my favourite outfit of the holiday.. and if you know me you know I'm not really a pretty dress kind of person but this dress TICKS ALL THE BOXES!! && is UNDER £25 :o:o I know right? Get buying girls..  (I'm so tempted to get it in black also.. maybe.. who am I kidding probably!) 

Fun fact - I actually cut this dress :o not a massive surprise as I'd say I cut/ alter about 70% of my wardrobe. Anyway let me explain this one, (so mam if your reading, forget the part were I said I cut 70% of my clothes haha (no i'm joking she's cool ) .. okay so you know when you order a dress and your so excited to try it on and then it arrives and you put it on and your like mehhhhh:/ I mean don't get me wrong it was pretty, it just wasn't really doing anything for me (you know the feeling) so I had a vision (you know when you just picture an outfit in your head, accessories, hair style, glitter and all and your just like YASSSSS!! oh maybe that's just me?! aha) so had a vision, didn't hold back... Fast forward 5 minutes and I'm stood in front of the mirror.. dress on, minus a few inches, plus a western belt, space bunzzz in my hair and glitter on my face (the rest all over the floor)... HALLELUJAH  "We have a holiday outfit" - SUCCESS!!  


Thursday 6 July 2017


So who doesn't love to party? Pair that with a boat trip in the Greek sunshine around a beautiful island and what a combination! So yes the most amazing day, BUT.... what to wear???? I love a good swimsuit on holiday, there's just so many fabulous styles out this summer I struggled to choose just one (so obviously I bought 3, I can't even apologise.. story of my life). However I'm so glad I wore this groovy pink number, I mean its sassy, pulls you in in all the right places (which I definitely needed after countless alcoholic beverages) and it's got that 90's vibe going, which is always a winner for me! 

So first step.. grooovy swimsuit - CHECK ✔

Second step.. JAZZZ it up by adding a western belt, my fave black crochet cardi, some platform sandals of course (taking you from pool wear to party wear) and lastly over the top sunnys (a must). - CHECK ✔

Third step.. GLITZZ it up thanks to my beautiful bestie who transformed my hair - CHECK ✔

Last step.. Good music, even better company, beautiful weather and endless cocktails - CHECK CHECK CHECK ✔✔✔

Swimsuit - Asos | Cardigan - Rat&boa (discontinued) | Shoes - Asos (similar options.. 1, 2, 3 )  | Belt - Princess Polly | Sunnys - RI 


Sunday 2 July 2017



Okay so if you follow my Instagram (@amyhallimond) you'll know I've spent the last week in Zante with my gals having the BEST time of my life (hence the lack of blog posts) and I unfortunately touched back down in England a few days ago :(:( ... HOWEVER only to find out that I have graduated from Newcastle university with a 2:1 in physiological sciences and I couldn't be HAPPIER!! As you can imagine I haven't stopped celebrating since, definitely a great way to get over the old holiday blues! So yes, after a crazy few weeks I finally have a moment to myself and I'm excited to dive straight back into my blog and get some good content up for you guys!! 

Even though I'm home and I really need to face reality, I've been on such a high since returning that I'm not quite ready to let the whole holiday feeeelin' go just yet, (it's just a little bit too soon). So I thought why not do a blog post on each holiday outfit.. I mean it is summer and I'd happily wear these outfits out and about or on any nights out at home. Plus if it gives any one any holiday Inspo then I'm HAPPY!!

Ok, so first night, first holiday outfit..... 

Skirt - Urban outfitters (similar) | Fishnets - Primark (cut them into shorts) | Calvin Klein - Urban outfitters | Belt - Vintageous rags (similar) | Shoes - Asos (similar) | Sunnys - eBay | Necklace - Topshop 

I wasn't quite ready to bust out the bright yellow denim just yet (yellow required a tan) so I went for pink denim, one of my fave skirts! Oh and I couldn't resist busting out the fish nets - a must to spice up any outfit.. definitely my fave accessory go to! I finished this outfit off with some cool blue sunnys to add a fun/holiday vibe to the outfit, platform sandals and the trusty Calvin Klein's! (Oh and I've threw in a few other holiday pictures to get the holiday vibes going.)

..... Next outfit - BOAT PARTAAAAAYYYY