Friday 31 October 2014


Top - The mountain, Kimono - York carboot, Boots - Thewhitepepper, Hat - Topshop,
Sunglasses - Topshop, Jewellery - Pretty twisted, Topshop, eBay
So as its Halloween I thought I'd go along with the whole Halloween theme and make this outfit kind of Halloweeny, even though I didn't do a very good job, you can still kinda see the witchy spooky vibes going on right?! AHHH I'm so so SO EXCITED for tonight!! I love doing make up and dressing up so Halloween's the perfect night for me! I'll be doing a post soon on my actual Halloween outfit so be sure to check it out. I don't even know what I'm going as yet.. I'm super organised haha! I'm thinking dead something.. haha sounds super original! NO I promise it'll all be good in the end, I have a few ideas going on in my head of what I want to do! (I've put some pictuers down below of my what I went as last year, excuse the really bad pictures the lighting was so bad!!)
Anyways back to the outfit!! I'm obsessed with this top, I just love the design on it, anything to do with suns and moons and its mine hehee! How beautiful is this kimono, I found it at a carboot for only £1 how crazzzzy?! and so AMAZING!! These pictures really don't do It any justice, but its really beautiful in person! I get so many compliments on it when I'm out and when I turn around and tell people it was only £1 there faces drop hehee! Yes.. I added another hat to my collection, I thought I needed a bit of variety in my life! I told you I'm loving lots of jewellery at the moment and here it all is again! I think it really makes the outfit. What do you guys think of the jewellery?


Wednesday 29 October 2014

Colourful Crochet

Cardigan - Rat and boa, Skirt - Motel Rocks, Boots - thewhitepepper, Bag - Greece, Hat - Accessorize, Neckalces - eBay, Pretty twisted, Topshop

Ahhh RAT AND BOA!! Who doesn't love rat and boa??! They have some of the most amazing, unique, pieces of clothing. You'll be sure to get heads turning in their pieces! This cardigan is just to die for!! (yes, it's actually a Cardigan not a jumper, I'm just wearing it backwards hahaa, as you do!) I also love the way the buttons look fastened up at the back, it just adds that extra bit of detail, which adds another dimension to the outfit! Love love LOVE!! So I paired this jumper with my motel lizard mini skirt, my chunky boots, my bohemian style bag (that my amazing best friend brought me back from Greece) and I'm back obsessed with lots of jewellery lately, so I layered it all on!

As you can see from some of the pictures above (the ones that I'm not wearing a hat in) I really did try to style this outfit without it, but I caved.. Boo!:( what can I say, I'm a sucker for a hat! It amazes me that I actually managed to get these pictures, what with the bloody gale force winds that were going on, I can't tell you how many times my hat blew off! (Let me tell you, me chasing up the road running after my hat was not a pretty site, hehee!)


Tuesday 28 October 2014


Motel is one of my all time FAVOURITE brands!! They have some of the most amazing pieces of clothing, from striking sequin dresses, to beautiful two pieces, to the perfect crop tops, there really is something for everyone. I own a ridiculous amount of their clothing, but its just too good not too!! The BEST part is... their having a MONSTER MOTEL FLASH SALE, offering super discounted motel products. All tops/skirts only £5 and all dresses/Jackets only £7, don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!! It's this Thursday and Friday (30th and 31st October) at their London HQ from 10am-7pm. (71-73 Great Portland St, London, W1W 7LP) Go grab some bargains!!

Check them out here!!

(Ohh and check out my links below, there's some amazing pieces!!)

A few of the many amazing piece's I'm lusting over ATM from motel:

Sunday 26 October 2014

turtle neck obsessed..

Jeans - Topshop, Boots - Thewhitepepper(discontinued, try ebay though!!), Turtle neck - Topshop, Hat - Accessorize, Belt - My friends, Sunglasses - Topshop, Bag - Primark

My favourite part of a/w is definitely the return of the turtle necks and I'm completely obsessed!! Anybody else? This one from Topshop is spot on for this time of year as the material is thin and light, making it perfect for the warmer autumn days. It can also be easily layered up, for a look that will get you through the cold winter months too. I find Its such a good staple piece to add to your wardrobe, as it can be worn with many different bottoms transforming many of your summer outfits to a/w. (what more could you want eyy?!)

These jeans are EVERYTHING and so much more!! I think I've had them on a good 90% of the time since the day I bought these.. ooopsie daisy! For me, they are just the perfect pair of washed out black mom jeans, and I just find myself reaching for these on a daily basis. They are just so easy to style and when you have to get up for uni at 8 o clock, having not got in until 4 the night before, you need easy!! hehee! They just go with so many different piece's of clothing creating many many different looks! Also another great staple piece for your wardrobe for the coming months and I really recommend you go grab yourself a pair, you'll thank me later! (Ohh I also sized up in these as I like the way they look abit more over sized that they already are!)

Okay so I'm now obsessed with the sandy beige versions of thewhitepepper boots, just as much as the black!! I don't want to ever take these off, I could own this style of boot in every single colour and I'd still be completely obsessed with them!! Obviously my hat made yet another appearance (you definitely saw that coming right?!) I went with my black tassel Primark bag to finish off the outfit as was out shopping all day and didn't want to lug around a big bag with me. (I was feeling a tad lazy that day, money, lipstick and phone was all that was coming out with me!)


Friday 24 October 2014

Little black dress..

Dress - depop(currently trying to find out where it was originally from and ill update!), Boots - Thewhitepepper(some here on eBay), Hat - Accessorize, Necklaces - Prettytwisted, eBay, Miss Selfridge

Just a quick one today as I'm super busy! So I found this little beauty on depop a few months ago and its the perfect little black crochet dress. I love the length of it too, I'm really loving midi dress lately, anyone else? I think their perfect for a/w, when your not quite ready to start wearing tights and want to flash a Little legs ( in my case to show off my really bad fake tan) midis show off the perfect amount! 

I paired this dress with my platform boots to add a little edge to it. I also loved the way this dress looked layered with necklaces, it completely changed the feel of this outfit and really accessorized it up! For some reason this hat just finishes off basically every look PERFECTLY, and I love my hats so here it is again..


Wednesday 22 October 2014

ONE Dress, TWO Outfits!

Outfit 1

Just a close up of my hair and makeup..

Outfit 2

Dress - Motel rocks, Platform Boots(outfit2) - Thewhitepepper (seen a pair here on eBay), Jeans - Sheinside, Kimono - Topshop, Flat Boots(outfit1) - Holiday market, Jewellery - Pretty twisted, Topshop, Miss selfridge

Really really SORRY for the bad quality images of outfit 1 :( !!! It was a horrible dusky lighting, which made the quality of the pictures turn out really bad. I also took outfit 2's pictures a while back before a night out, which is why they are not very bloggie and there is only two of them (my grandad calls that pose 'the little tea pot' hehee!!) so I apologise for that!! (Hopefully you enjoy the outfits enough to get past the bad pictures!! ahhh Amy stop rambling on.) Anyways I've been wanting to do this post for a while now and haven't got around to taking any more pictures in these outfits,  so I finally decided they were just too good to be kept hidden.. so there you go!!

I'm actually very proud that I managed to make two completely different outfits wearing the same dress!! I just fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it! So why not wear something you love a few times right?! and hey, if you wear them this differently, who will even know?! The iridescent green colour is just beautiful, isn't it? and I really love the style of this dress too! Motel rocks is definitely up there with my all time favourite online stores. They do the most amazing clothes and admittedly I own far too many of their items, but as all of you know, its just too hard to not spend A LOT when everything is just so damnn good!!

So for the first outfit I was out shopping for the day with my all time bestie Elll, I has such a FAB day, we literally laughed from morning to night, so much fun!! So yeah I went with a more casual look dressing this look down (some may think very oddly) by wearing the dress with my ripped jeans, okay so it sounds weird when you put it like that but I LOVE the way it turned out! definitely one of my favourite outfits!! My kimono finished this look off perfectly and added that extra uniqueness to this outfit!

Outfit 2, there's not really a lot to say about this one, basically in this look the dress does all the talking. Add on my platform boots and a hand chain to grunge this dress up, lots of layering of necklaces, rings on every finger and walllaaaa another amazing outfit with this dress!! Now I just want to go out again tonight so I can wear this outfit!! (9am lab tomorrow is telling me otherwise! hehee)

Find the dress here at motel rocks