Sunday 14 September 2014

Dull Skies and Colourful Cardigans..

Bringing out the good old stuff!!

Tequila shots ;)

Jeans - Levi's, Body - Ark, Cardigan - Rat and Boa, Belt - My Grandads, Boots - The WhitePepper

 I've spent this past weekend in Bradford visiting my mama! (Hence all the cobbled streets, hehe!) I haven't been up to see her in a while so it was really nice!! My weekend consisted of lots of rosè, shots, takeaways, and crazzzzy amounts of chocolate!! My Mam and Steve definitely like to have a lot of fun!!

So, of course I took about 100 outfits with me, (Bear in mind, I was only there for Saturday and Sunday, yup that's right! I really have no justification.) dresses, skirts, playsuits, you name it! I had everything.. Only to end up wearing ONE outfit!! Well, what can I say.. After all the shots on Saturday night, its safe to say I didn't make it out of my PJ's on the Sunday haha! :( (and what girl doesn't over pack?! It's in our nature I think :')) < mini rant!

Anywaysss, I just wanted to keep it causal so I opted for my Levi's - I can't believe I've actually found a pair of Levi jeans that fit perfectly.. Now that's an achievement!! So as It was a dull day in Bradford I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit pretty colourful, and nothing screams colour like my rat and boa crochet cardigan!! Definitely has to be one of favourite pieces of clothing ever!! This body from ark is also another one of my faves, which I seem to be wearing a lot recently. I just love it!!


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