Monday 30 March 2015

Because you know I'm all about those layers

Dress - H&M (old) | Grey Tee - Primark | Cardigan - Rat & Boa | Hat - Accessorize (discontinued) | Boots - TheWhitepepper (discontinued but I'm selling mine!!) | Necklaces - Urban Outfitters, Shop Little O and eBay

Summers not far away and I can't help flashing some skin already.. even if I did have to run in and put some tights on after these pics because I was freezing my a$$ off lol. So this look was all about the layers which is perfect for this time of year as you can start introducing some of your fave summer pieces into your outfits, whilst not freezing to death. I've layered up the necklaces to add that extra baaaaam to the outfit and wore my chunky boots for some height and to grunge up this look.


Thursday 26 March 2015

Girls just wanna have FUNDS

Dungaree skirt - Topshop(sold out) | Top - Topshop | Denim Jacket - Vintage shop | Bag - Turkey | Boots - TheWhitepepper(discontinued) | Moon Necklace - ebay | Blue necklace - Greece 

I really need to stop spending (I write whilst scrolling down Asos's 'new in' section on my phone) but I've gone a bit OTT on spending atm, I'm not sure if its just me but my student loans just seems to go so fast.. admittedly I do spend a lot of my money on food - yummy meals out, cake stops, takeaways, its just all too good!! Yesss I'd say a good 70%  of my money goes on food, is anyone else like this?

So I was trying to have a cheap shopping day out, the kind where you only spend money on dinner (there we go with food again) and spend the rest of your day looking around the shops but not buying, just looking!! (in other words window shopping).. it can't be that hard right? Wrong!! I don't know what is about telling someone or yourself not to do something that makes you want to do it 100x more, but yeah after telling myself I wasn't going to spend, its like the clothes were just jumping out right in front of me and I wasn't saying no! 

Anyways, I ended up buying this amazing washed black cord dungaree skirt and striped crop top, (along with a few other things) and I just love the way they look together!! I'm so excited to wear this dungaree throughout summer too, I have so many different ways to style it up in my head. This top is definitely a wardrobe staple, I've only owned it for a week and I've already worn it in 3 different looks, so I'd really recommend it and £14 for a top from Topshop isn't too bad either! 

Also the cocktails are home made by me, not bad eyyy?! Well you've gotta save money somewhere right? 


Monday 23 March 2015

Double Denim Lurrrve

Jeans - Urban Outfitters | Top - Missguided (sold out so linked similar) | Belt - My Nanas | Boots - TheWhitePepper | Denim Jacket - Vintage shop (similar from ebay linked here) | Necklace - Primark

I was in Leeds/Bradford over the weekend visiting my Mama and I always have such a fab time!! Its also a good opportunity to snap a few blog pics with some different backgrounds. Ooohh and I actually managed to come second at bowling with a pretty good score, so shocked myself their.. a skill I didn't realise I had haha! It was also my first time eating out at an Indian restaurant, is that weird? I'm usually not a massive fan of Indian food but it was amaaazing and a struggle at the same time thanks to our two massive starters before even getting to our main. After a countless amount of cocktails and pubs later its safe to say I was very grateful for the large food portions earlier!

So I'm absolutely obsessed with the denim trend atm, I just cat get enough!! I think I've bought about 6 different denim pieces in my last few shopping trips and I've currently got my eyes on more!! I went shopping with my brother last Friday and at one point he actually had to physically stop me buying yet another pair of blue denim jeans hahaa.. Enough is enough amy! So I was having one of those days where you just spend ages trying on loads of different outfits.. Anyways eventually I ended up running out of time so I just threw on a shirt over these jeans and started to head out when my denim jacket caught my eye and this outfit happened, which turned out to be one of my all time faves!! (Who am I kidding?! of course it did with all that denim going on)


Thursday 19 March 2015

Crochet cardi craziness

Playsuit - vintage shop | Cardigan - Rat&Boa | Boots - Dr martens | Hat - Accessorize | Belt - My grandads | Necklaces - Shop Little O and Ebay | Rings (blue and gold) - Voodoogypies

I apologise for the patchy fake tan on the back of my legs, but what can I say.. I was holding onto every last bit of that tan. Having a tan (or perfect fake tan) all year around would be one of the dreams but unfortunately I live in england :( and too lazy to be constantly fake tanning, I mean its such an effort haa! So I added this playsuit to my collection last summer and have been obsessed with it ever since!

 This Rat&Boa cardi will forever be one of faves and I cant wait to basically live in it again this summer, yess i'm never taking it off.. I even have it in white too for when the black ones in the wash hahaa!! Okay so I'm not that crazy but I do LOVE it!! Its been a while since Ive had my Aggy docs out but I just thought they went with this outfit perfectly.. their just those kinda boots we all own that hurt like hell to wear (no matter how many times I try to wear them in) but are just so amazing that you never want to let them go.. the struggle!

Lastly I just wanted to say how beautiful my gold and blue wire wrapped rings are from voodoogypsies. They sell some amazing pieces of unique jewellery which you can have a little mooch through here.


Sunday 15 March 2015

I got that shirt feeling

Shirt - Topshop (no longer available in blue so I've tagged the red alternative) | Turtle neck - Urban outfitters | Leather look leggings - Matalan | Boots - Topshop | Necklace - Shop Little O 

So I need to start by expressing my LOVE for these amazing snake effect boots, how incredible?? Ive had my eyes on these babies for ages now but I've been really good trying to save money and their hefty price tag unfortunately was just not in my budget :( Anyway I've been really stressed lately with the crazzy amounts of uni work I've had that I decided I needed a good cheer up and what better what to make yourself feel better than some retail therapy?.. And so the budget was blown and my two months of savings went completely down the drain, but at least my feet look great right?! 

This shirt is definitely a people's favourite and I've had so much wear out of it!! After owning this shirt I can say I've definitely got the shirt bug, I just can't stop buying!! A shirt is definitely my new wardrobe essential and such a big trend at the minute! It was pretty chilly outside so I layered up with my urban outfitters turtle neck crop and leather look leggings. I'm currently counting down the days until I can wear this shirt with bare legs and some sneaks.. ahhh summer hurry up!!