Tuesday 29 August 2017

Its All About The Baker Boy Hat

Dress - Asos | Jacket - Charity shop (sorry guys) | Necklaces - Asos & Missoma | Bag - Technic cosmetics | Vans - Asos (sold out, find here) | Socks - Asos | Sunnys - Asos | Baker hat - Asos 

(So by looking above and in most blog posts I'm clearly obsessed with Asos but I mean you can't beat that free next day delivery life) 

Okay.. MAJORRR HAT OBSESSION!! If you follow me on Instagram (@amyhallimond) then you'll already know this, but I'm literally living in it atm! Ok, ok so I know I'm late to the party with the whole baker boy hat trend but I was less than eager to try it out after the whole cap trend. I mean you see all these amazing girls rocking a good cap on insta, well... (picture a dad at a family party on the bbq and yuppp that was me alright, so it's safe to say my cap went straight in the back of my wardrobe). However, I can happily say I'm loving the baker hat.. maybe even a little too much I mean I think my hair will be permanently flat when I ever decide to stop wearing it😬😬. So I picked up these beauty of a dress from asos and it was instantly a massive win!! How fabulous are the colours?? It reminds me of a candy shop which I am all about.. who doesn't love a candy shop right? So here I've teamed it with this cute little nanas jacket I picked up for a steal in a charity shop in Leeds, but I also can't wait to pair it with a cute little jumper over the top for a different look all together. Obviously it would look great on it own too but if you know me you know I love to layer and experiment with different prints so I've got a few other ideas of how I'd love to style this dress! 

Oh &&& how fabulous is this little unicorn esk holographic bag.. which is actually a makeup bag from technic cosmetics but works fab as a clutch style bag to jazzz up any outfit! 


Wednesday 2 August 2017


Jumpsuit - Urban outfitters | Belt - Vintages rags (similar) | Denim Jacket - Vintage | Necklace - Topshop | Vans - Asos | Sunnys - River island

How's everyone’s summer going so far?? And how are we already into August?! Summers go by way TOO fast, how crazy fast has this one gone by already? and I'm so not ready for it to be over anytime soon! 

Anyway, enough moaning. Moving on to this fabulous jumpsuit - I mean need I say anymore? it’s just a DREAM! When I first saw this beauty hung up in urban outfitters I was automatically drawn to this dreamy orange colour, a little bit more pricey than I would have liked to have paid but it was literally love at first sight (ok, so I may not actually believe in love at first sight when it comes to guy, well at least not yet anyways but clothes... when it comes to clothes I’m definitely a believer!) I just think it’s so unique and like nothing I’ve previously owned, so of course I simply couldn't resist (I couldn't help it... I’m weak ok hah!) However, fast forward a few weeks and I have no regrets! Its became such a huge staple in my wardrobe and I have so many different ideas of how to style this up! (I'm thinking of doing a '4 different ways to style a jumpsuit' post soon so keep an eye out for this beauty again!)

So yes this was a pretty hot day, one of only a few we've seen this year (pros of living in England right -.-😑 ) so I just styled this baby up pretty simple and popped on my vans to add a relaxed chilled feel to this look.

Ohh and then drank endless amounts of cocktails in the sun... what a great day!