Sunday 7 September 2014

Co-ords and carboots

So yes here I am again... In York, Especially for the carboot!! (Eeeek, I love a good carboot and some bargain buys, who doesn't?!) So you can imagine how upset I was when not only was it pouring down :( (after such a nice sunny day yesterday) but because of the rain a lot of people hasn't bothered to turn up, leaving in total about 20 stalls left.. :(! Just my luck! Anyways, I did manage to find a few bargains - happy me!! So here they are... (Ohh and I'll be doing another post incorporating these into outfits so you can see how I style them up) :):)

Green Chinese kimono (Probably a dressing gown, but I'll be wearing it as a kimono hehee!) - £1.50
Bag - £1
Starbucks tee - 50p
Big scarf - £1
Watch - £1
Ring - £1

After the carboot we (me and my boyfriend) ventured into York to have a look around the shops, eat some delicious food (I LOVE my food!!) and of course have a lil cheeky cocktail! (I think you all know by now I love a good cocktail, but who doesn't right?!)

Dinner time...

Tea Time... 

Co-ord - Zara, Bralet - Topshop, Sliders - Primark

This co-ord from Zara is just amazing, isn't it? The colours and Chinese design are just beautiful and ticks all the boxes for me!! It's such a perfect piece for a/w, as it keeps you warm but it's not too heavy. Also it's got to be one of the comfiest co-ords I've ever worn, such a good fit! Yes, I've got my Topshop bralet on yet again.. It just fit this look perfectly and is so flattering to wear! (Hey, at least I'm getting my money's worth out of it :')) Okay, so my shoes were probably not the best idea I've ever had as it pored down for most of the day :( silly me! but at least my poor feet looked good! Even if they were very cold and wet heheee, all in the name of fashion eyyy!



  1. Oh I wish we had carboot sales here, I'm so jealous! Love the new purchases, especially the rad leather backpack! And that co-ord is dashing *_*

  2. I love a good carboot, you find some amazing things for such good prices! Aww that's a shame! Where are you from?? And thankyou :)