Wednesday 29 July 2015

Who says jumpers can't be worn throughout summer?

Skirt - Topshop | Jumper - Sheinside | Belt - Charity Shop | Necklaces - eBay/ Jewellery Party | Sunglasses - Primark

Hello again my loveliessss, I'M ALIVEEEEE!!

(So just a quick little update on where I've been over the last week or so..) 

HALLELUJAH.. I finally have a laptop again which makes me extremely happy, I didn't realise how much I actually use and need it!! However if it was ever going to break it probably couldn't of happened at a better time (if there even ever is a good time for your laptop to break :/:/ right? :S:S) I've been pretty Ill over the last week or so :(:( with chronic sinus pain and sickness, so the thought of even staring at a phone/laptop screen was just out of the question.. I literally spent a few days hibernating in the dark which was bloody depressing in itself! I mean, if being Ill isn't enough to get you down then living in almost darkness for a few days definitely is! Eeee the the ridiculous things I put my family and boyfriend through.. however do they cope with me? Hehee! Oooh and not to mention my extremely embarrassing , very tragic drama at work last Friday in which I literally threw up.. on the shop floor.. of Newlook.. ALL OVER.. In my hair.. on a busy day.. Surrounded by people! - HAHAHAA! What is my life?! I literally wanted to crawl into a hole and die, not a fun time! - Anyways I've got carried away as usual boring you all with yet more stories of my life, so I'll stop blabbing now and let's clothes...

So I threw this outfit together a few weeks ago to wear for a day spent in York with my Bestie - BEST.DAY.EVER! Chats, drinks, food, drinks, goss, drinks, shopping.. and then more drinks.. sounds perfect right? 

The denim trend has been massive this summer and it's definitely not showing signs of slowing down any time soon.. 'Can I get a YAYYY!' So I've probably said this before in a previous blog post but hands down this Topshop style denim skirt is THE best and MOST flattering denim skirt that I have ever owned! So amazing in fact that I actually have exactly the same one in a blue denim too!(and also have my eye on the white version.. ooops!) From the minute I got my hands on this Topshop beauty I've literally been obsessed and find myself reaching for it daily! Aside from it being very flattering, comfy to wear and easy on the eyes, it looks good paired with virtually anything and is definitely my go to piece if I'm in a rush and need to pull together an outfit in seconds! 

Just because we're into summer now that doesn't mean we have to push all of our fave jumpers to the back of our wardrobes (well especially not if you live in England, right guys?). You can continue wearing your woollies throughout the warmer months, keeping them looking light, fresh and summery by simply flashing some skin pairing your jumper with a short denim skirt, funky accessories and your favourite sneaks!


Tuesday 21 July 2015

'Its all about rocking those BELLS with confidence and some Mega 70's SASSSSS!!'

Bell Bottoms - PYLO (not available but similar pair here for only £12!!) | Top - Missguided | Bag - LaModa | Black Belt - Primark (£3 bargain) | Silver Belt - Charity Shop | Necklaces - Shop Little O & eBay | Sunglasses - Primark | Shoes - Asos (sold out) 

The seventies is definitely my favourite decade of fashion and I couldn't be more happy that gypsy tops and bell bottoms have made a MASSIVE come back!! Although bell bottoms/flares are undoubtedly one of my all time favourite fashion statements, I held off buying a pair for a little while as they're definitely not one of the easiest things to pull off and I'm not gunna lie.. I found them pretty bloody daunting (don't worry girls your not alone), I think secretly every girl is a little terrified at the notion of wearing them at first... Well unless your a Victoria secret model that is! But don't stress girls, we can all conquer them and look fabulous regardless of our differences, it's all about having the confidence to work them and spread some mega 70's SASSS!!

However the only downside and you have been warned girls is that a full course meal/ a lot of food is definitely out of the question when wearing these flared beauties! Especially if your greedy like me and can't help but keep eating way past the point of full and eventually reach that uncomfortably sick and extremely bloated food coma stage in which your only option is to lay down and stay there for the next 5 hours hehee (can anyone relate?).. Believe me, there's no hiding a food baby!

So are bell bottoms back to stay??! Can we keep rocking the seventies fashion era into the near future? What do we think girls.. Well I definitely won't be putting my bell bottoms, crazy prints, and gypsy top away anytime soon, will you? 


Thursday 16 July 2015

Colourful Cardi

Skirt - Sheinside | Top - Sheinside | Cardigan - River Island | Belt - Charity shop | Creepers - Market (oldies)

Hello my lovelies, how are you all?? I've finally got a day off work YAYY! So I'm spending my day off in York with my bestie and I couldn't be more exited!! Cocktails, shopping and lots of yummy food!! The best kinda days right?!

So I threw this outfit together a week or two ago now and I'm really loving the bright summery vibes it has going on! Ahh what a beautiful, colourful, scrumptious cardigan, it just makes me happy not to mention the fact that it also reminds me of a pick and mix, which I know probably sounds really weird but there you have it! (food always on the mind haha). Also how does everyone still feel about creepers? Are they still acceptable to wear? I just find them surprisingly very comfy and so bloody flattering on the legs that I'll probably wear them forever! 
Okay so let's talk real life..   I've had the worst luck ever over the last few days, not only has my laptop broke, completely out of the blue resulting in me losing EVERYTHING :'( :'( And the TV in my bedroom also broke the day after.. Talk about unlucky eyyy! (Believe me, you did not want to be anywhere near me yesterday.. I was not a happy person hahah!). The most annoying part is that I've actually been super organised lately, anyone who knows me well, knows organised is definitely what I'm not.. I mean I probably couldn't be more unorganised if I tried hahaa but I'm still trying to work on it! So yes, I transferred most of the pictures from my phone to laptop before deleting them to free up some memory (the amount of times I go to take a picture and 'sorry cannot take a picture' pops up on my phone is redic!!) I also had a lot of outfit post pictures lined up on my lappy too, ready to blog and now they're all GONE.. Forever :(:(  why can't life just run smoothly eyy?  

So yes I'm about to go and catch a train to York now, drown my sorrows in many many cocktails and eat my own body weight in food. 


Thursday 9 July 2015

Metallic Goodness

Top - CelebLook | Bell sleeve kimono - OOTO clothing | Skirt - Topshop | Shoes - Topshop | Hat - Accessorize (old) | Sunglasses - Primark | Belt - My Grandads 

How gorgeous is this little metallic number?! The perfect little summer crop top! Ooooh and not to mention how FAB it would look with a good tan.. Right girls?.. Rocking this little beauty around and about on your hols would definite have heads turning! So if you're wondering where you can get your hands on this, it's from a lovely new online boutique called CelebLook who were kind enough to send me two beautiful metallic pieces and I'm obsessed!! They sell the most beautiful on trend pieces for really good affordable prices and have something to fit everyone's taste and personal style.. even men too! You can check them out here and enjoy a good mooch around their boutique, spending a good 10 minutes.. Or in my case 60, drooling over their amazing clothing! In fact I'm about to head back over to CelebLook after I've finished writing this blog.. I've got my eye on their fab waterfall trench coat and It needs to be mine hahaa! 


Tuesday 7 July 2015

YOUTUBE, Bargains and a little bit awkward...

Dress - Sheinside | Kimono - Aphrodite and ares clothing | Boots - Hidden Fashion | Bag - Car boot | Hat - Accessorize | Sunglasses - Primark 

BARGAINNNN aaalllleeeeeeerrrrtttt!! If you've followed my blog for a while, then you know I love a bloody good bargain.. Mainly because most of the time I have £0 due to the amount of clothes that I actually buy and also because the cheaper the clothes the more you can buy hahaha! (But on a serious note guys, I legit have a massive problem!! Ooooops!!) So yeah, every time I find a good bargain you guys are always the first to know about it! I've actually already shared these shoes on a previous blog post 'A full outfit for under £30' which you can check out here but if you're a new reader of my blog I actually got these beauties for only £7 :o :o WHATTT?!! Crazzzzzy right?! Ohhhh and did I mention this amazing green number was only £11? I'm on a roll with all these bargains lately!! 

So I just wanted to say that I know my blog posts haven't been that regular lately but I'm just settling Into my new job and after finishing uni for the summer two months ago in which time I did absolutely nothing, it's taking some time getting back Into being busy again having a lot of things on including working most days so have a lot lots of money to spend on clothes hahah! However I'm going to pull myself together and get back to posting a least 3 times a week again I promise!! .. ALSO I'm also toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel?? What do you guys think? I'm very nervous about it as I think I'll just be very awkward and act like a totally dweeb on camera hahaha, not to mention I can't stand the sound of my voice.. Editing would be painful hehee! Anyways It would include look books, hauls (I've actually just received my massive order from Sheinside with lots of amazing bargains in so I was thinking of doing a haul on that?) my daily makeup routine, morning routine, my full shoe collection and I've got lots more ideas!!! So yeah let me know what you all think and if any of you would be interested in it? 

Thank you for reading lovelies and enjoy your Mondays what ever you are all up to!!! I'm off to work now, booooo!!!!:'( very jealous of any of you guys off having fun! 


Thursday 2 July 2015

A summer outfit for those cooler cloudier days

Jeans - Sheinside | Top - Topshop | Cardigan - Topshop (oldie) | Creepers - Market (oldies) | Bag - Egypt (look out for similar at car boots)

Who doesn't love that initial buzz you get from those 'new buys' you've just splashed out on and treated yourself too? Countless amounts of times I've clicked on my shopping cart after a good mooch about and nearly died at the total - havent we all?, but there is nothing more satisfying for myself and fellow shopaholics out there than those one off extremely successful shopping sessions. When you manage to grab yourself some bloody good bargains, even if you've just spend hours searching the web, hunting down the best coupons, adding a discount code here and there and spending just the right amount to qualify for free shipping.. It should count as a skill really.. Right girls?? We've all been there no matter how silly it sounds but you feel a huge sense of achievement sitting there for a few seconds with a big grin across your face feeling extremely accomplished, like you've just reached the top of Mount Everest or discovered Mars.. Ohh the power of a good online shop eyyy!! 

So yes, this was me a few weeks ago and it's definitely paying off having lots of new clothes to style and play around making outfits with. HAPPPY GIRL!!! 

These jeans were only £12 :o:o hard to believe right??! Ohh and this TOPSHOP top (emphasis on the fact it's from topshop and was not in the sale) cost me only £6.. I couldn't believe it either!! So by snapping up and pairing these two beauty's together with a comfy cardi over the top, an old pair of creeps (or alternatively some sassy trainers) and adding a bright colourful bag to really make the outfit pop, you've got yourself the perfect inexpensive summer outfit for those cooler cloudier days.. Your wellllllllllcomee