Wednesday 17 September 2014

kiss the sky kimono...

Kimono - kissthesky, Shorts - Vintage Levis(Hollys boutique), Top - Primark, Boots - Holiday market, Hat - Missguided 

This kimono is just.. WOWW!!! My favourite kimono that I own!! The detailing on it is just beautiful!! Also I love the boho gypsy look of it, it's just so bang on trend ATM!!

So I know summers over,, :( (so sad to say that:( I wish could go back and do It all again!! Although I am excited to start my winter wardrobe) anyways back on point.. I wanted to try and get all my more summer looks in before it's too late! So I paired this kimono with my Levis and a plain white tee, to give it a casual cool vibe!

I literally can't take these shoes off ATM, there just too amazing haha and go so well with everything I seem to put on lately!!

So I'm super busy at the minute as I move back to uni on Sunday and have to get everything packed and ready, as I'm at a festival thing from Friday to Sunday, back to uni Sunday night, then off to Amsterdam mondayy, yayy!!! (Sorry for yet anther mini life up date, I just love to ramble!!)


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