Monday 29 September 2014

Rocking out..

Top - We Are Cow, Jeans - Primark, Trainer's - Converse, Hat - Missguided

Quite a different look from me here, as I'm normally very boho/colourful but with this look I embraced my inner rock chic and I LOVE it!! (Now all I need is for someone to take me to a rock concert and i'll be content, any offers?)

This top is actually my brothers, which is why it is so long on me.. he's rather tall!! So when I saw it there was just something about it that I immediately loved and I knew I had to steal it.. ooops!! (It's currently at uni with me now hehee, that is until he realises and I have to give it back, boo! :( lets just hope he doesn't eyy!) 

I styled this top with my black ripped jeans, which I bought from Primark as normal black jeans for only 8 squidd :o and here's how I did them - 1). So I put them on and cut little snips at the knees where I wanted the holes to be 2). Then I took them off so they were easier to cut and laid them out on the floor 3). Next I cut the snips into holes 4). Lastly I raggered the edges with tweezers (putting them in the tumble dryer also works really good!!) and WALLLLAAA!! New jeans, YAY!! Saved me alot of money too, which is always a bonus!! Finally, my hat and converse finished this look off perfectly!


Sunday 28 September 2014

ShopMieux Boho Loving

Top - ShopMieux, Shorts - Levis(eBay), Kimono - Topshop, Bag - Primark, Belt - Primark, Necklace - Jewellery party, Cuffs - Topshop, Boots - Holiday market

So I recently received these two items off the people at Shop Mieux and I'm in LOVE with them both!! How amazing are they?!!  (Thank you so much Shop Mieux) If you don't know who they are, then there an online thrift shop specialising in the resale of women's clothing and are SUPER affordable!! Some of their prices start at as low as $2 :o So you can get so many gorgeous pieces from so many brands for such good prices!!

Check Shop Mieux out here, they have some FAB piece's!!

The sun actually came out and I couldn't pass the chance to whack my Levi's out!! I really don't want to let go of summer :( not yet anyways! (Hence why my outfits are still pretty damn summery) I'm all about keeping the summer colours alive through winter, haha! 

I wanted to add a hint of boho to this look (a hint.. well ALOT!!) So I styled it with my baby's.. my boots (yes, their my new shoe obsession, ha!), gypsy style belt, and lots of cuffs!! I threw this kimono on over the top to throw this whole look together and well because I'd over estimated how warm it was. One little bit of sun and I have a bikini one, its really bad haha! (I definitely need to live somewhere hot when I'm older!! Australia I'm thinking/hoping!! )


Friday 26 September 2014

Camping with style

Okay so the night got a little messy!! 

Jeans - Topshop, Cape - Topshop, Top - Topshop, Boots - Depop, Belt - Grandads, Sunglasses - Topshop, Sock - My dads, Necklaces - Topshop

 I Promises I didn't realise that basically everything I'm wearing is from Topshop, when I put this outfit together, hehee! So a couple of years ago I used to shop in Topshop practically all the time, I was obsessed (safe to say my bank account wasn't :(!!) BUT.. then I became a student.. So now I only pop in there occasionally and pick up the odd thing!

So I was at a camping/festival thing last week, it was so much fun!! The night consisted of drinking, music, dancing and well.. MORE drinking!! I haven't camped since V festival last year so it was a change and a really good one! I wanted an outfit that was going to keep me really warm and wrapped up and I think I found the perfect piece of clothing that did just that - my Topshop cape!! I actually LOVE it, its so amazing and keeps you super toastieee!! Its looks so good too right?! I just wanted to keep the rest of the outfit pretty casual so I teamed it with my skinny jeans and a plain long sleeved top! Ohhh and there's no better foot attire for camping than a big pair of woolly's and some Timberland (style) boots.


Thursday 25 September 2014

Amsterdam, Clothes and ALOT of Food

Dress - Evil twin, Kimono - eBay (originally from besarani collection), Boots - The Whitepepper, Space neckalce - Pretty twisted, Moon necklace - eBay

Amsterdam photos
(sorry there's a lot, I hope you enjoy!)

We couldn't get enough of these!!

The Bull dog!

I got to write in the book at Anne Franks house :D!!

So cool!

The red light district

Sorry for the bad quality.. but my boots!! YAY (ohh and I couldn't resist buying a hair-band at the till - Ooops!!)

 Tea out of a glass :o it was hard to pick up, haha!

 Recovery drinks!!
Sorry for my lack of blogging over the last few days :( I've been in Amsterdam!! It was so amazing, so glad I went!! Its so beautiful over there and so many little cute shops.. and of course I couldn't resist looking in them all! I bought such a pretty velvet over the shoulder bag, but I LOST it :(:( boo! (Trust me eyy!) It was so light I must of either dropped it somewhere and not noticed or left it at one of the bars we were in! On the subject of lost, we visited the Anne Frank house, it was such a good experience! So anyways, I bought my Grandad a postcard with her house on the front as he's really interested in all that, wrote it out and everything and yupp you guessed it! I lost it :(:(!! 

So we were staying right near the red light district, which was a crazzzy experience!! Its mad to think that prostitution is actually legal over there :o it's so surreal! We also (me and my two friends from uni, Holly and Sophie) hired bikes and road to Vondel park, which was a really good day. Ohh and as I only brought platform shoes with me I had to buy a flat pair for biking riding - BONUS! (a girl can NEVER have enough pairs of shoes) and of course I ate SO MUCH food!! << My favourite thing to do!! hehee! 

We did so much in such a little amount of time we never really stopped, so unfortunately I didn't get chance to take any pictures of my outfits :( Luckily I got some pictures of the outfit I travelled in and wore on the first day before I went! So I wanted something comfortable for the flight but dressy enough to wear on the first night so I chose my evil twin dress! I LOVE this dress and was just waiting for the right time to wear it!! One of my fave bits; the bell sleeves!! Okay, so I'm abit obsessed with bell sleeves atm hehee! It was abit chilly so I threw on my amazing kimono (definitely my go to kimono atm!!) and yes i'm in them again hehee - my ever faithful Whitepepper boots.. Next stop AMSTERDAM!!