Wednesday 26 November 2014


Jeans - Topshop | Top - Topshop | Boots - THEWHITEPEPPER | Necklace - Topshop

So with these chilly winter nights upon us, I don't know about you but sometimes I just cant bare my legs out! I mean talk about freezing your **** off.. However, I do warn you that although this outfit will by no means keep you WARM whilst jumping from bar to bar or when walking to the club, but it will do a better job of keeping the cold off than a mini dress or skirt and make the cold weather more bearable!

So I think this top is the perfect Christmas addition to your wardrobe and I'll definitely be getting my wear out of it over the Christmas period! I also loved the way it looked paired with these Topshop mom jeans, taking them from casual to the perfect winter party outfit! 


Monday 24 November 2014


The 6 bloggers party dresses

Dress - bought from depop | Boots - THEWHITEPEPPER (can't find them on eBay)

So I had an AMAZING night at motel rocks party, take me back.. :( I was over the moon to be invited and got to meet some lovely blogger babes!! It was held at the Far Rockaway restaurant in London, which was the perfect party setting and had such a cool, unique vibe to it! Motel really went out of their way to create the perfect party, with an area to play bear pong (so cool!), an open dance floor to bust out some moves, free champagne and other refills throughout the night, a yummy pick and mix stand and pizza (my favourite part, Mmm!). There was also a sofa area where you could catch up with fellow bloggers, take a break from dancing and snap up some pictures in the 'selfie' mirror, then there was even a touch screen printer to print your faves out! If all that didn't already sound AMAZING you could also get your nails done, I opted for matt pink falsies which looked FAB, hair braids (unfortunayely I was wearing extensions so no braids for me!) and you could also get yourself a little snazzy glitter tattoo!

One of the things I enjoyed most about the night, was having a good old mooch through Motels new partywear range, and oh my, it was to die for!! From their sassy sequin dresses, to their 90's inspired silhouettes, to the most amazing co-ords yet to date..I just need it all!! (Okay so I wont deny that their wasn't a split second where I didn't debate throwing the full rail over my shoulder and heading for the door, haha! But hey don't judge me, clothes that good can make a girl crazy!) Shop their partywear range here. Also along side motels party range, they also collaborated with 6 of the best blogger babes, to create the ultimate party wear edit, and boy did they do good!! This edit consists of 6 fabulous party dresses each unique to and named after each of the 6 bloggers. These dresses are perfect as they each offer something to fit everyone's style and body! Check these babies out here.

This is the outfit I wore to the party, and I blooming love this dress!! I'm obsessed with anything crochet but add some sparkling beads and Woww! I found this little beauty on depop a while back and it doesn't have any tags on it or state on depop where it's from so I'm guessing it a little vintage number! So I just wore a plain black crop top (which you can pick up on eBay for under £5) and a black bodycon skirt! Of course I couldn't go to my first event without my fave boots! But I really need to find a nice pair of comfy, wearable party heels for the Christmas period!! Can anybody recommend any?

Some of the Photographs above are by photographer Dylan Myers

Thursday 20 November 2014

Change the look of an outfit in two simple steps..

Skirt - People tree(bought off depop) | Kimono - eBay | White crochet top - River Island | Tie dye - Handmade | Hat - Accessorize | Boots - Forever 21

 I wanted to show you that by simply changing your hair styles up and throwing on a different top, you can completely change the feel and look to an outfit! So I absolutely adore this kimono, it's one of my all time faves and I love the way it looks paired with this skirt! So if you love an outfit why not wear it a few times?! And by changing a few little things up on it, you can get away with it!!

For the first outfit I had my hair short for a change. What do You's think?! I think your hair can he a big part of your style, whether it's short, long, blonde, blue, pink, up, down, curly straight etc. it can play a big part in your look! By simply changing your hair styles, you can completely change the way an outfit looks and feels, for instance you can go from sleek and smart to a messy, boho look in one hairstyle!

So I went for a more summer, holiday look with my Rhianna white crochet top in the first outfit. I then dressed this down and went for a more casual look with the second outfit wearing my tie dye tee tucked into the skirt!

By changing the shoes and adding further accessories you can make these two looks, look COMPLETELY different but I just wanted to show you how different two outfits can look with the smallest of changes. So wear these two outfits a few weeks apart and you've got yourself two amazing outfits! And no one will even remember!


Sunday 16 November 2014

Cold shoulder dresses and cold weather

Dress - Fashion union | Cardigan - Rat and Boa | Boots - Thewhitepepper | Hat - Accessorize | Necklaces - Topshop, Pretty twisted

From the minute I saw this dress on fashion union I knew it was the perfect a/w dress. The Browny green flowering detail on it is very Autumnal and I just love it. BEST PART – only £7 in the sale!! Very happy me!! So I took these pictures on one of our more slightly warmer autumn days, hence why its not very Wintery. However whack a pair of thick black tights on, a duster coat, some platform boots, a chunky knit scarf and your ready to tackle any weather that’s thrown at you!

One of my favourite things about this dress is the cold shoulders, I just LOVE the way these dresses look on, and it’s a way of still flashing a bit of flesh in the colder months whilst still having a sleeve. So I'm really struggling with dressing for these colder months atm, anybody else? I'm a summer gal through and through!!(and the worst part is, the colder weathers yet to come :(!!)

So if you love this dress as much as me, find it here at fashion union for only £7!! I could spend ridiculous amounts on crazy amounts of their clothing, they just have so many amazing items, and it has been known for me to spend quite a lot on their stuff in the past.. ooppsies! But as I'm officially on a spending ban for the moment (surprisingly going pretty well) why not do the spending for me and go check them out! I apologise in advance to your bank accounts, but its definitely worth it!!


Thursday 13 November 2014

Changing it up..

Dress - Oh my love, Boots - Thewhitepepper(sold out), Belt - Primark, Hat - Accessorize, Sunglasses - Topshop(a while ago) 

I was having one of those days, the kind where you just hate every picture, haa! So the sunny's went on, then they came off.. back on again.. off again!! (More bloody times than they're leaves on the ground, okay so maybe that was a slight over exaggeration, but it certainly felt that way!) Yes, so if your wondering that's why I'm wearing my sunny's in some pictures and not in others. 

So I know this outfit is very tiny for this very cold weather ATM, but I wore this dress on a night out in Newcastle last week and thought I'd blog it! This amazing baby (my dress) is from Oh my love and its the perfect party dress!! (and I certainly did some partying that night! You know you've had a good night when your too embarrassed to look back through the pictures the next morning, they definitely weren't a pretty sight hahaa!) This dress would also look amazing for a more daytime autumnal look paired with thick black tights, a mac and a gorgeous scarf!! That's what I love about this dress, it's so versatile that It can be worn styled in different ways, perfect to fit many occasions! If you don't already recognise this dress from oh my love, its because here I've worn it backwards with the low V to the front, and added a belt for a sasssy take to this dress!  I'll leave the picture down below of the way the dress is originally meant to be worn, so have a look and let me know what yous think?!

Again for edge, I wore my black chunky boots. For a change I kept it really simple on the jewellery front, to let this dress do all the talking and finally anything but a change I had to whack my hat on!