Tuesday 2 September 2014

York Antiques and Cobbled Streets

These two dresses are from ark, they are both absolutely gorgeous and I'm regretting not buying them :( but unfortunately I had insufficient funds :( To the car-boot this weekend for me to hopefully pick up some good bargains..

Levis - deep, Velvet halter - liberatedheart, Boots - The Whitepepper, Kimono - Car-boot (£1:O), Bag - eBay,  Sunglasses - Topshop, Belt - My Grandads

Well I was in York.. Again. With my brother this time!! I love it there so much, it's just so cute. My favourite part are the cobbled streets, they have some gorgeous little one off shops down them and of course evil eye, which has to be my fave cocktail bar!! - there's so many cocktails to choose from and there pretty big too, so you get quite a lot for your money!! Also there's always lots of market stalls on which have the prettiest of things!!

I didn't buy very much :( but I did get a beautiful turquoise ring and the most AMAZING coat.. (Need to start preparing for winter, boo! Why can't it just be warm all year around?!) anywaaays my coat was pretty pricey so that was me spent up for the day :(!

Well.. I had one of those mornings, you know a "I have nothing to wear" morning where everything you put on just doesn't look right :(.. You wouldn't believe the amount of outfits I tried on - I think my brother lost the will to live after about that 10th hahaaa! TBH I didn't think we'd make it to York before sundown at one point:'). I was originally wearing both the boogie night velvet halter and disco pants set from liberated heart, I absolutely love my 3 sets, definitely worth the money!! The garments are made to perfection and with such precision, defiantly by far the best clothing I own I highly recommend you check them out!! (For anyone ordering from the UK, shipping is about $20 and only takes just over a week which I thought was really good!) Unfortunately It was too cold to just wear shorts so Instead I paired the halter with my Levi's for a more casual look. These Levi's have been sat in my wardrobe for a year now and I really don't know why I stopped wearing them, but now I just don't want to take them off! They fit perfectly and I love the slouchy mom look to them!

Ooh and I'll be back here again on Saturday for the car-boot and if I get lucky I'll do a post on my findings :) fingers crossed eyy!


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