Sunday 31 May 2015

ANOTHER FULL OUTFIT, head to toe including accessories.. for under £35!!


 I hope you've all had a fab weekend!! I've had such a good time in Bradford this weekend visiting my mama, very sad to leave tomorrow :(:( So today I'm bringing you another ‘fashion on a budget’ post after how well the first one went down.. thank you so much guys it really means a lot to me and I hope you enjoy this one just as much!

Dress - Sheinside - £13.79
Necklace - Sheinside - £5.01  
Earrings - Sheinside - £3.17

(If these 3 sheinside items are bought P&P is free, as a minimum spend of £20 is needed to qualify for free postage worldwide.)

Hat - eBay - £2.89 (P&P included)

Boots - Hidden Fashion - £7 (P&P £2.99)

Total - £34.85

How friggin AMAZING is this outfit?!!! Not to mention that the FULL outfit, head to toe and fully accessorised is all under £35!! (Including p&p) say WHAAAAAT??!! Can you believe these absolute beauties of boots cost me only £7.. How is that even possible?? Definitely by far one of my all time best bargain buys, what do you guys think? I just can't get over how incredible this whole outfit is, counting down the days until it all arrives!! Especially the dress :o:o  Ahh the beautiful fringe detailing, so on trend right now. I'll definitely be getting my wear out of it this summer, it's such a perfect holiday dress and at just a fraction of the price too.. your welcome hehe!


Friday 29 May 2015

Did somebody say BARGAIN??

For those (far too frequent) chilly days.. 

Summer ready.. 

Skirt - Primark | Jumper - Topshop | Boots - THE WHITEPEPPER (sold out) | Jewellery - Topshop, Pretty Twisted 

Hello my lovelies, how has everyone's week been? and who's happy its Friday? YAYYY for the weekend!! So I did plan on blogging a more Summer/Spring outfit today but as I was scrolling through my laptop this morning I came across these pictures that I'd completely forgotten about. I also think this outfit is definitely a lot more weather appropriate atm than my teeeeny Rat & Boa dress.. Sun where have you gone :(:(

Did somebody Say BARGAIN? Yes, this skirt was another amazing BARGAIN of mine, £3!! I know right.. I could hardly believe it myself, how incredible?! I also love how versatile this skirt is - as on a chilly day (as shown above), I teamed it with a woolly jumper (although this jumper isn't keeping anybody warm, trust me haha!) and some chunky boots, then when (if ever :’( waaaa! ) the sun comes out, you can ditch the boots for a pair of comfy sandals and a crop top looking and feeling summer ready.. lets hope I'm doing this very soon eyy!


Wednesday 27 May 2015

GOOD NEWS and new buys..

Shorts - Asos | Top - Topshop | Kimono - Car Boot | Shoes - Asos | Socks - Ebay | Hat - Accessorize | Belt - Charity Shop | Jewellery - Ebay, Shop Little O | Sunglasses -  Primark 

GOOD NEWS... I've just got myself a job, AHHHH so happy!! This definitely calls for celebrations tonight hehee! Anyways sorry about the life update >> onto the clothes! The minute I saw these shorts on Asos I just new I had to have them, I own quite a few pairs of shorts now after collecting them summer after summer but just none quite like these (my boyfriend would disagree haha).  Aren't they just the perfect festival shorts?? Now I just need to buy the tickets!!

Lets talk about this top.. How AMAZING?! So I picked this little beauty up from Topshop in Leeds, on one of those days when you tell yourself ‘I'm not going to buy anything today’ then you end up seeing about a million things you LOVE and all the things you could never find when you wanted them, but on the one day you're not spending you see them all.. story of my life haha! So anyways when I saw this top the whole ‘not buying anything today’ went totally out the window and I'm not even sorry. This top is just the perfect retro style summer crop top and looks great with just about anything – trust me, I've worn it A LOT already. I went with my purple kimono to bring the whole look together and no surprise, layered up my necklaces. I just feel that the perfect accessories can make an outfit look 10000x better!

Use the discount code ‘AMYHALLIMOND’ for 10% of all Shop Little O orders :):)


Friday 22 May 2015

Two Shades Of Denim

  Have another yummy cocktail picture..

Denim skirt - Topshop | Shirt - h&m | Shoes - Asos 

Ahhh this denim skirt, I can't take it off!! I just find myself constantly reaching for it.. whether I'm pairing it with a little crop top and platform shoes for a night out or with a rock tee and boots around the shops, it just looks amazing with everthannng!! Plus it has the incredible added bonus of being very flattering.. what more could a girl want right?! On this occasion I paired the skirt with a black denim shirt as I'm absolutely obsessed with the double denim trend right now and its just the perfect meal/cocktails combo. If you follow me on insta you'll have seen these shoes quite a lot as they're definitely my faves right now and I'm so glad I thought ahead (which doesn't happen very often) and grabbed myself a pair a few months back before they became constantly sold out - I can definitely see them being my go to summer shoe.


Wednesday 20 May 2015

Casual for Canteen and Cocktails

Levi's - Deep | Top - Topshop | Kimono - Carboot (Monsoon) | Belt - My Grandads | Necklaces - Shop Little O, eBay | Bag - Charity shop

Just a quickie today as I'm currently sat on a bus to leeds to see my bestie.. Exciting times!! So I wore this outfit out to dinner with one of my fave girlies last week and didn't plan on blogging it which explains the lack of pictures haha, but why not eyy?! Ohh and can you believe my kimono was only £1??!!! Say WHAAAT?! 


Sunday 17 May 2015


Pictures of my little angel <3 I'll miss you my cutie!! xx

 Skirt - Topshop | Turtle neck crop top - Urban Outfitters | Boots - Topshop | Bag - charity shop (£1 bargain) | Sunglasses - Topshop (old) | Necklaces - Purple one is form Newcastle market, My Nana's locket and Topshop (old) 

I'm really sorry it's been a week since my last blog post but I've had a pretty rubbish week :( My dog had to be put to sleep last Wednesday and she was my little baby girl.. It literally broke my heart as I've grown up with her nearly my whole life.. Making that decision was definitely one of the hardest things I've ever had to do and anyone out there with pets will understand. I'm such an emotional person too, if I'm feeling sad or upset about something then I have to let it all out, I really admire people who can keep it together and put on a strong front but that's just not me but I don't think its a bad thing every single person deals with loss in different ways.

So with my major denim obsession going on atm, I couldn't resist buying this beauty of a skirt from topshop.. I've had so many denim skirts over the last few years but i think I've finally found my favourite. Everything from the cut to the colour to the fit of this skirt is just perfect, definitely a spring wardrobe essential!! This crop top (another spring essential) is making a second appearance on the blog today, however this time I've incorporated it into a spring/summer outfit as oppose to a more wearable winter outfit as seen in a previous blog post - which you can view here.

Hope you enjoyed!!


Sunday 10 May 2015

Which look do you prefer?? Bank hol weekend antics, lots of cocktails and crochet..

Hello my lovelies... So I thought I'd start this blog off a little differently and ask you guys 'Which look is your favourite??'.. 
This beauty of a top has already made an appearance on my blog a few months back and it'll probably be making another one at some point throughout the summer, it's just too nice to stay tucked away in my wardrobe!! So the main question is.. Which one do you prefer?

To check out my blog post on this earlier look on the right, click here.

And the fun beginssssss....

 This was a saviour!!

Crochet top - Rat&Boa | Jeans - Topshop | Cardigan - UNIF | Boots - TheWhitepepper (discontinued.. try depop!) | Necklaces - Pretty twisted & Ebay | Rings - Pretty twisted & Shop Little O

So I thought I'd do a little post on my bank holiday weekend in York - can I just do it all over again?! Is anyone body with me? So me and my boyfriend stayed on my boat for a few nights with friends and we certainly didn't hold back as you've probably seen from the number of cocktail pictures.. Oooops!!

So I'm wearing one of my all time favourite brands.. Rat&Boa!! I mean what more could you want in a crop top?! I've owned it for a while now and I'm still obsessed with it. I'm definitely not a wear something once get rid of it type of person, if I love a piece of clothing I love it and I'm gunna wear it forever.. Well until it's acceptable hahaa I don't quite think I'll still be able to pull it off at 80 eeeek!! So yeah I'm all about mixing my new pieces with my old favourites to and recreating new fresh on trend looks using a mix of old and new pieces.

It was a pretty chilly bank hol so I opted for my skinny jeans, but then decided to wear probably one if the smallest tops in my wardrobe.. Yeah I can't really justify how my brain works sometimes haha! However I did wrap myself up in my new absolute BEAUTY of a cardigan!! I've had my eye on this UNIF cardi for a while now and finally gave in last week.. I'm weak!!