Wednesday 1 October 2014

Thrift shops and all things vintage

 Top - Topshop, Jeans - Sheinside, Trainers - Converse, Wooly vest - Shopmieux, Necklace - Turkey

Okay so this is my 4th time writing this post out now! (yes I've been at this for a long time now and im slowly losing the will, haa!) This week my laptops deciding to just not cooperate with me :( it wont let me on the internet, it keeps freezing and shutting down pages, ARGHHH it's so stressful! It's pretty difficult as it is fitting a lot of blogs in along with being at uni without this happening, boo! My boyfriends coming up at the weekend so hopefully he can sort it out and make my life 10x easier hehee! (anyways rant over and on with the blog!)
So I'm really enjoying being back at uni and in a house this year with my gals. Its so much more homey and sociable than halls, I LOVE IT!! And as for the work side of things, still pretty boring but surprisingly an improvement on last year! Ahh let me please just do summer all over again with all my holidays to look forward too, ahh the dream!
This wooly vest is another one of my goodies sent to me by shopmieux and first lets just start by saying how damn adorable it is?! Especially the detailing around the edges! I love the vintage look and feel to it, anything vintage'ie (forever making words up) and its mine! I love a good thrift/vintage/charity shop, oooh and a good old carboot too! You can find some amazing unique items and the best part is that no one else will have it on! As a pose to when you walk out in something from topshop and you guaranteed to see at least 5 people with the same item on. But im still a sucker for a good topshop purchase and as long as your style it your own individual way no matter how many people have it you'll look different! Okay so I went toally off topic again (story of my life). So back to thrift shops, shopmieux is a FAB thrift shop and definitely worth checking it out here, the prices are incredibly cheap!!
This is another one of them looks where less is more, so I kept it quite simple with ripped jeans, plain white top and my converse.


  1. how perfect are these jeans :O wooow. and I love the jacket. thrifted stuff is the best x3


    1. Thankyou so much lovely!! Aww I love the jacket too! And they definitely are hahah!! Xx