Sunday 28 December 2014

shine bright like a diamond

Cardigan - Rat and Boa | Jeans - Topshop | Bralet - Topshop | Shoes - Pretty Little Thing | Hat - Accessorize | Jewellery - Primark and Topshop

Yes, I had another little splurge on rat and boa for Christmas and one of the things I picked up was this little beauty of a cardigan!! Lets just start by saying how freaaaking amazing it is?! I loved it so much that I also got it in the dress version too, yes I did go slightly overboard! Diamond crochet everything for me please, cardigans, dresses, socks, knickers, if it's in this diamond crochet pattern I'll have it! I also own this kind of style in a jumper and a short cardigan but in a thinner material, which you might have previously seen on my blog but lets not go into that, haha! 

So I teamed this cardigan with my Topshop jeans which I just can't stop wearing since I getting them for my birthday. They're just the perfect pair of jeans and pull you in, in all the right places.. added bonus!! I'm also wearing these absolutely fabulous boots from pretty little thing which I'm obsessed with! I mean look at them, they add just the perfect amount of edge to any outfit and I just love the whole rocker vibe that comes with them!

Lastly this silver necklace I'm wearing is from primark and was only £1 :o crazy right?! I also picked up some rings from Primark too at the same time for around the same price which are stunning so I'd definitely recommend getting yourselves down to Primark and checking their jewellery selection out because Primark are certainly getting their groove on at the moment in the jewellery section!!


Friday 26 December 2014

But you only need the light when it's burning low, Only miss the sun when it starts to snow..

Two piece - Vintageous rags | Duster Jacket - Primark | Boots - Holiday market | Hat - Missguided

I hope everyone had the bestest of Christmas days, I know it did!! They'll be a Christmas post coming very soon so look out!

So this beautiful two piece, (yes its actually a skirt and a top) it is from the most fab little vintage shop near me called vintageous rags. They sell the most amazing vintage pieces, from wolly jumpers to stunning little tops to the most sassiest of denim jackets. Find them here.

So I teamed this two piece up with my black Primark duster coat to dress it down a little and as I can't seem to resist getting my legs out this winter I went without tights and my gold trimmed boots. 


Wednesday 24 December 2014

Skiing in a winter wonderland

Jumper - Given to me by my Nana (No label) | Jeans - Topshop | Boots - Thewhitepepper | Hat - Missguided

I know its been a while since I last posted but I just have so much going on atm :(:( what with just getting back from Austria (which I had planned to blog whilst there but the Internet just wasn't up to it) all the exams I have coming up and catching up with all my friends and family over Christmas, leaves my life well.. pretty damnn crazzzy! So yeah, Austria was absolutely AMAZING!! It was my first ever skiing holiday as I'm usually a lay on the sunbed getting a tan kinda girl, but skiing was such an unbelievable experience and I just want to do it all again!! I laughed non stop for the whole week, ate lots of yummy food and had my fair share of jager bombs, hahaa! I've added some pictures in of skiing for you guys down below if anyone's interested, then just simply scroll down...

Also it was my birthday on the 19th whilst I was in Austria, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mee! Spending your 20th skiing and partying in Austria.. I mean what more could you ask for! Definitely a birthday i'll never forget!

So here I'm wearing a jumper my Nana gave to me, (totally raided her wardrobe for the turtle necks this winter) However, when she gave me this one it was kind of an awkward length that just didn't really do anything for me, so I decided to chop away at it and make it into a nice Little cropped jumper (Oopsie, think i'll be keeping that a secret from my Nana, I can hear her now "Eee Amy, you'll catch your death of cold in that now" hehee the cutie! ) but anyway. now its deffos one of my fave jumpers!! I paired it with my tight fitted topshop jeans, my chunky boots and of course, a hat. 



Friday 12 December 2014

'I'd like a cheeseburger, large fries and a Cosmopolitan' - Carrie Bradshaw

Skirt - Missguided | Top - Topshop | Coat - Primark | Boots - Forever 21 | Hat - Missguided | Necklaces - Ebay and Topman

So this is the outfit I wore when my mama came up to Newcastle for the day to visit me at uni! The day basically consisted of food and cocktails, shopping, Christmas markets and mulled wine and then more food and cocktails hahaa! The best kinda days if you ask me! (You know it's been a good day when at the end you can't feel your feet anymore and your hands hurt from all the shopping bags, it's safe to say the cocktails were definitely needed). So yeah I had such a fab day with my mama!!

Anyways mini life update over and on to the clothes!! So It was a pretty chilly day and I knew we'd be in and out of the shops so I wanted to wear something warm yet still look nice for cocktails. I haven't worn this skirt since summer, I guess I just associated brighter maxi skirts with summer but they work so well in winter too! So grab them out your wardrobe girls and get wearing!!  I'm all about making summer clothes work for winter too, with the right layers you can make them work all year round and as you all probably know I'm a summer gal through and through! Don't get me wrong I love a white Christmas but this weather right now is just not doing it for me :(!

So I layered a longer sleeve top over my maxi and wore my fave coat from primarni to complete the look! Oooh and I just thought I'd add that I'm loving the coats in primark this winter, they've really upped their game and could give topshop or river island a good run for their money for a fraction of the price! So definitely give primark a check out before you go spending close to £200 on a new coat this winter!