Friday 5 August 2016

TIJN eyewear.. smashing it!

So the glasses I choose were called - Justin Wood Grain Tortoise

So as you've all probably seen on a few of my instagram posts I LOVE a good pair of glasses, so when I came across these beauties on Tijn eyewear I literally fell in love! 

If you haven't already come across TIJN eyewear then they're an online store that 'create well designed and crafted eyewear' to suit everybodys tastes having a lot of beautiful unique frames to choose from.

I mean, how bloody beautiful are they?! .. From the style, to the design and detailing on them which is absolutely stunning, they certainly look a lot more expensive than they are. However when I was buying these, at the time I hadn't realised that the lenses in certain lights actually had a pink/green reflective property to them as appose to just a clear lense. This didn't bother me as it only made them more interesting and set them apart from the other glasses I own >> BONUS!

Another great thing this site offers is the option to adjust the lenses to fit your current prescription for free by simply filling in your prescription details. Now if your like me and don't actually need glasses, they look just as AMAZE as fashion accessory to add that extra something to an outfit.. or quick tip - They work wonders on those really bad hairs days by just simply popping your glasses on your head pulling your hair back (as in the first photo) can really sort out what ever situation you have going on up there and massively save the day haha!

Ooo one last thing before I go...

I've also got my eyes on a few pairs of sunny from their range.. I mean we are in the hotter summer months (well we're supposed to be -_-) with holidays coming up for some? And who doesn't love a good pair of sunny's right? So here's three of my faves: 

1 | 2 | 3