Thursday 18 September 2014

Kimonos, Feathers and all things Boho...

Kimono - Rat and Boa, Shorts - Levis (Holly's boutique), Top - River Island, Boots - Holiday market, Long silver necklace - Pretty Twisted, Triangle necklace - Miss Selfridge

Prepare yourself, this is a long one guys... So, if you don't already know I'm obsessed with rat and boa!! Everything on there online site is just to die for!! (which explains the ridiculous amount of money I've spent on it.. ooops) I just love how different and unique everything on rat and boa is! So this 'voodoo' kimono is just amazing, it brightens up any outfit and the colours in it are just beautiful! check out their site here for more gorgeous kimonos. Well as you can see, I was going for a Bohemian style look, I've loved the whole boho look that's been about so much this summer. I find that its very individualistic and a good way to express your personal style and stand out as yourself and nobody else. So I wore this beautifully detailed top from River Island and my vintage Levis for this look, and again these boots went perfectly with it, there just my got to boots ATM, as I love the boho, gypsy look to them! Ohh and how cute is my little feather piece in my hair? I found it from when I was little in one of my draws and its so on trend!!!

Okay so I apologise greatly, in advance, for yet AGAIN rambling on about my life and well.. just rambling about stuff in general! I've followed many fashion and beauty blogs for years and as I'm a rather nosey person, (you know, the type of person who goes on holiday and sits on their sun bed people watching, with their sunglasses on and earphones in pretending to be asleep and by the end of the holiday knows the ins and outs of everyone there haha, anyone else like that? or is it just me?!) so I love getting to know bloggers, their personality and parts of their life and how that's expressed in their personal style. Personally, I think it gives a lot more meaning to your blog and gives it depth, but that's just me I guess :):) However I also have them odd days when I'm feeling abit lazy, so I just scroll purely through the pictures for inspiration!! Anyways if your like me feel free to read on.. and if not then I hope you enjoy my outfits Y

So I've been trying to get in a lot of blog posts before I go back to uni, as although I'm gonna keep them pretty regular still, I wont be able to post everyday like I am now :( which makes me very sad! I love blogging so much and have really enjoyed getting stuck into it a bit more over the last month! I'll definitely still blog no less than 3-4 times a week depending on how crazy uni gets (all the work :( and a lot of partying, hehee), and who knows, I might even blog more! I'm really excited to get back to uni, to see all my amazing friends I made last year, but I'm definitely not looking forward to the work :(!!!!! So I study Bio-medicine and its a lot of hard work :( although there is some few (very few!!) parts of it I enjoy, I definitely followed my brain rather than my heart (very cliché) I often wish I'd pursued the fashion/arty side to me and wonder where I'd be now if I did :/  So basically that's the main reason for my blog, as its kind of an escape for me, doing something I absolutely love!!