Wednesday 29 April 2015

A Full outfit, head to toe including accessories.. for under £30!!

Hello my loveliessss, so as promised here's my first ever 'fashion on a budget' post! Can you believe that all of these pieces together cost me just under £30 :O?? How friggin amazing?! A FULL OUTFIT head to toe.. we're talking accessories, socks, shoes, the lot!!

All the prices below include p&p 

Grey v neck tee - here (£3.15)
Moon necklace - here (99p)
Round sunglasses - here (£1.62)
Black shorts - here (£6.58)
Black kimono - here (£5.99)
Black sandals - here (£9.48)
Velvet scrunchy - here (99p)
Fishnet socks - here (99p)

You could snap up all this above for a total of £29.79 or for £30 (21p dearer.. just saying hahaa) you could have yourself this Topshop necklace below! Crazy when you look at it like that right? I certainly know what I'll be spending my money on...
Necklace - here (£30 + p&p)

I often go through phases of spending hours bargain hunting on ebay (which saves me a hell of a lot of money as you can see) to not visiting the site for months at a time.. a result of my laziness :(:( I mean it's certainly a lot easier to browse Topshop and find exactly what you're looking for within minutes, as oppose to scrolling endlessly up and down ebay. I've definitely been guilty on many occasions of paying a lot more for something due to ease, but a bit of time and effort definitely pays off. 

 I hope you enjoyed this post and found it somewhat interesting/useful .. keep your eyes out for my next one coming soon featuring an amazing denim shirt dress.


Saturday 25 April 2015

Those Roots

Denim skirt - Ebay (Just simply search on ebay to find) | Turtleneck - Depop (no label inside) | Boots - TheWhitepepper (discontinued) | Fishnet socks - Ebay | Belt - Charity Shop 

So just a quickie today.. I wore this outfit around the pubs last weekend and managed to get a few snaps of it before I left. Denim skirts are my absolute fave atm, and I'm constantly on the look out for more!! I decided to go for a cropped turtle neck as I wanted to keep the look pretty casual but at the same time flash some skin. Since finding my fishnet socks a few weeks ago (after many months of thinking I'd lost them) I don't think I've worn these boots or in fact any shoes without them.. completely obsessed.

Enjoy your saturday night guys!! 


Thursday 23 April 2015

That Hippy Feeling

Tee - TheMountain | Socks - eBay | Boots - TheWhitepepper (discontinued) | Sunglasses - Primark  | Bag - Greece (Holiday present from my bestie) | Necklaces - Shop Little O, eBay and Pretty twisted

It's actually starting to feel like summer.. I mean I can actually walk around with my legs out and not freeze to death, or get stared at like I've lost my mind. This weathers amazing and I'm definitely guilty of prancing around my back garden in only a bikini.. You've gotta take advantage while it's here right?! However I did give the postman the shock of his life the other day when he decided to just let himself into the back garden with a huge parcel, instead of knocking first (like normal people do) therefore finding me laid In next to nothing singing along to the spice girls.. Absolutely mortified -.- !!

Anyways enough of the random chit chat about my sometimes tragic life haha! How awesome is this tee?? I just love the bright, colourful, quirkiness about it, its the perfect summer tee! The mountain is such an amazing site to find that perfect tee, and really well priced too - I think mine only cost me $22 and it's also where I got my moon and star tee from I've worn in a previous blog post (which I'll link here for any of you lovelies that haven't seen it or if anyone fancies another peak). Also If anyone's interested, I got my purple dog tee in a size XL then cut the hem off the bottom to give it a more worn, grunged look, as opposed to a perfect seam.

I completed this outfit with lots of necklaces, leopard print sunnys, my fishnet socks to add some edge to this look and lastly a contrasting beautiful red bag.


Friday 17 April 2015

Shoe L.O.V.E

Trousers - Ark | Top - Topshop (similar for only £3.29) | Cardigan - Rat and Boa | Belt - Charity shop | Shoes - Asos | Fishnet socks - eBay | Sunglasses - Topshop | Jewellery - Shop Little O, eBay

Let me start by expressing my love for these shoes, HOW BLOODY AMAZING?? They're definitely my new go to shoe and I can see them not leaving my feet all summer! Ahh even just talking about summer gets me excited.. So I don't usually go for these style of trousers very often as I have pretty wide hips, so I don't really find this style of trouser very flattering on me. However there was just something I really liked about these tartan babies so I thought I'd give them a go. Anyways teamed with my new sexy platforms and a good belt cinching me in at the waist.. turns out they're now my new fave style of trousers. As usual with most outfits I wear, I've layered up the necklaces as I just think it makes such a big difference to an outfit sometimes, even if I do regret it at 4am in the morning haha! 

(Ohh and my little cutie wanted to be in the pictures)


Sunday 12 April 2015

A dress and a kimono for only £2? YES PLEASE!!

Poncho - Topshop | Dress - Charity shop | Kimono - Monsoon (Bought of a Car boot) | Boots - The Whitepepper | Hat - Topshop | Necklaces - Shop Little O, Topshop

So the majority of this outfit cost me.. ONLY £2!! Crazzzzy right?! Yes both the dress and kimono were only £1 each, such amazing finds!! I mean my hat costs 10 x more than nearly my full outfit hahah.. talk about bargain buys eyy! I've never really been a massive poncho 'wearer' (does that word even exist? the more I sit and repeat it to myself the more I think it doesn't haa!) but my lovely mama bought me this beauty for christmas and I'm actually really loving this look.. ALOT! I also took some pics of the outfit without the poncho on to show off my fab bargain finds and show off a bit more of the outfit. 

Okay so I'm thinking of doing a series called 'fashion on a budget' on the blog maybe like once or twice every month.  This would include, full outfits head to toe for under £10 or £20, charity shop/ car boot hauls and bargain buys, cheap dupes and lots more!! What do you guys think? 


Monday 6 April 2015

Fun in the sun

Levi Jeans - Deep  | Belt - Vintageous Rags | Turtle neck - Depop | Cardi - Topshop (old) | Fishnet socks - Ebay | Shoes - Asos (sold out) | Necklaces - Shop Little O | Sunglasses -Topshop (old) | Bag - Carboot

Let me just start by saying.. How AMAZING is this weather atm??? Makes me so happy!! BBQ's, drinks in the sun, music playing whilst getting tanned up.. Lifes good at the minute!! I'm the type of person that only needs the smallest hint of sun and I'm sat out bikini on sunbathing, music going, 100 ice pops at the ready, fruit ciders and a planned BBQ hahah.. kinda sad but so true!!

 I wore this outfit Good Friday to see Fast and Furious 7.. Woww!!! What an amazing film and yes I cried.. such a beautiful ending!! Let me know what you guys thought?! So I went for something pretty casual but cosy because I'm always bloody freezing in the cinemas, so I teamed my blue levis with my black turtle neck crop, my cosy woolly cardi and dressed the outfit up a little bit by wearing my new Asos lace up BEAUTIES which I paired with fishnet socks to add a different look to these shoes!! I'm also wearing my beautiful treasures from Shop Little O that I just can't seem to take off atm! 

I hope everyones had a FAB easter weekend in the sun, lets hope it's here to stay! (Who am I kidding right?.. )


Friday 3 April 2015

Casual, comfy & cocktails

Denim Jacket - Vintage | Top - Topshop | Jeans - Topshop | Belt - Charity shop | Fishnet socks - eBay | Converse - Schuh | Necklaces - Shop Little O | Sunglasses - Topshop (A few years ago now but you can find very similar ones from Primark a lot cheaper) | Bag - Egypt

So I decided to keep it simple, casual and comfy, pairing my Topshop jeans with a simple white top and denim jacket to york the other day (I've literally been living in this denim jacket lately, totally obsessed with it!!) Ohh boy and what a bad day I picked, it was bloody freezing, I'm talking hailstones freezing and not to mention the gale force winds hahaa! Also I'm so excited to announce that I'm currently collaborating with Shop Little O, they sell the most amazing unique pieces and I'm so beyond happy to add more of their beauties to my growing collection!! You can check out their beautiful collection here and thank me later, hehe. 

Ohhh and I can't go to york without popping into my fave ever cocktail bar.. Evil Eye, its the best and sells the most delicious cocktails ever!! Maybe I did have a few too many, but they're just too nice not to, plus the train journey back flew by BONUS!