Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween Costume

Top (scarf) - Primark | Head scarf - TJ Huges | Bottoms - Barefoot in the Park | Head Chains - Primark | Hair ties - Topshop | Belts - Charity Shop | Gold Cuff - Topshop | Gold chain arm bracelet - Primark | Shoes - Egypt
Ahhh who's excited for Halloween??! Not long now!!

First of all can anyone guess what I am? (I really hope at least one person guesses right or I definitely wasted two hours of my life yesterday haha!) So It's always fun to have an excuse to dress up, go abit crazy and have a night out right?..  Anyway every year I always end up going as some sort of dead person which usually involves a lot of fake blood and some extreme back combing!! However this year I wanted to have a lot more fun with my costume and go for something that was a bit different but also had an element of style to it while still being kinda scary at the same time.. So after combining those three characteristics together I came up with the idea of a demented fortune teller.. Did anybody guess right? 

So I hope this post was helpful and could possibly be an idea for anyone still undecided on what to dress up.
Have a fab Halloween everyone!! 



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    When you see this message can you please check your mail and get back to me, I have sent you a few emails and I did not hear anything from you, I see you are posting regularly here so maybe you did not get my email but please get back to me as soon as possible.

    Madison from Irresistible Me

  2. Wow, that looks fantastic!
    Do you know how much this outfit costs?

  3. Loving these pants! I'm thinking about being a gypsy myself. Where exactly did you get them? Thank you!!

  4. love this costume! this is exactly what i wanna he but I have NO idea where to get the pants and other stuff

  5. Hey... What bag did you wear out with the costume?

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