Monday 8 September 2014

Bargain buys!!

Okay so, try Ignore the seatbelt..

 Jeans - sheinside, Poncho - carboot, Crop top - Motel Rocks, Belt - My grandads, Boots - The Whitepepper

Just a quick one today as I'm super busy, but I want to try blog as much as I can!! (Hopefully every other day at the least, unless I'm away) How fab are these jeans? There very on trend ATM and are perfect for the upcoming colder months.. boo!:( I'm definitely a summer gal, I just love the Sunshine and having that sun kissed glow! I'm definitely moving somewhere hot when I'm older.. maybe Australia.. :):) (I realllllly hope!!) Right, back to the jeans! (I'm always going off track and rambling, like right now hehee) Jeans, focus!! I LOVE the ripped look to them, its just the right amount, not too much but just enough! What makes these jeans even more amazing is the price - they were only £10.50 :o can you believe it?! I couldnt!! Sheinside really outdid themselves this time, I just cant get enough of their stuff recently (I'm currently ordering off there site now whilst writing this, I can't help myself!)  If you'd like to check the jeans out you can find them here

My crochet beaded poncho was from a car boot and was only £1!! By far one my best finds!! (very similar to some rat and boa items) As there was so much going on in this poncho I wanted to go with something simple underneath, so I just paired it with a plain black crop. Last but not least I once again finished my look off with my ever faithful platform boots. 



  1. Great outfit!
    Love the tough ripped jeans and the platform boots with the cute crochet beaded poncho.


  2. That poncho....O_O It's spectacular! I freakin love your style ^_^ Those jeans are a bargain indeed! You rock them!

  3. Aww thanks so much!! I know I couldn't believe the price of them, made me very happy hahha! :) x

  4. Love this outfit, the poncho is amazing

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  5. Aww thankyou :) I'll deffos check your blog out! Xx

  6. The poncho is amazing! Sometimes you can find such good stuff at car boot sales. The jeans are gorgeous too! xx

    Kay | What Kay Does

    1. Thankyou hunny!! Yeah and for such good prices too! I love them hahah! Xx

  7. Oh my god, this crochet top is amazing ! :O