Thursday 2 July 2015

A summer outfit for those cooler cloudier days

Jeans - Sheinside | Top - Topshop | Cardigan - Topshop (oldie) | Creepers - Market (oldies) | Bag - Egypt (look out for similar at car boots)

Who doesn't love that initial buzz you get from those 'new buys' you've just splashed out on and treated yourself too? Countless amounts of times I've clicked on my shopping cart after a good mooch about and nearly died at the total - havent we all?, but there is nothing more satisfying for myself and fellow shopaholics out there than those one off extremely successful shopping sessions. When you manage to grab yourself some bloody good bargains, even if you've just spend hours searching the web, hunting down the best coupons, adding a discount code here and there and spending just the right amount to qualify for free shipping.. It should count as a skill really.. Right girls?? We've all been there no matter how silly it sounds but you feel a huge sense of achievement sitting there for a few seconds with a big grin across your face feeling extremely accomplished, like you've just reached the top of Mount Everest or discovered Mars.. Ohh the power of a good online shop eyyy!! 

So yes, this was me a few weeks ago and it's definitely paying off having lots of new clothes to style and play around making outfits with. HAPPPY GIRL!!! 

These jeans were only £12 :o:o hard to believe right??! Ohh and this TOPSHOP top (emphasis on the fact it's from topshop and was not in the sale) cost me only £6.. I couldn't believe it either!! So by snapping up and pairing these two beauty's together with a comfy cardi over the top, an old pair of creeps (or alternatively some sassy trainers) and adding a bright colourful bag to really make the outfit pop, you've got yourself the perfect inexpensive summer outfit for those cooler cloudier days.. Your wellllllllllcomee



  1. Those jeans are so good - I want a pair! As if they're sheinside, I'm always too wary of sizing to order much from there! What's the quality like? They look really nice!


  2. Great jeans. I love a slouchy denim option on a cooler summer day.

    Rachel |

  3. Love the dip dyed effect on these jeans, they look way more expensive!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane