Thursday 16 July 2015

Colourful Cardi

Skirt - Sheinside | Top - Sheinside | Cardigan - River Island | Belt - Charity shop | Creepers - Market (oldies)

Hello my lovelies, how are you all?? I've finally got a day off work YAYY! So I'm spending my day off in York with my bestie and I couldn't be more exited!! Cocktails, shopping and lots of yummy food!! The best kinda days right?!

So I threw this outfit together a week or two ago now and I'm really loving the bright summery vibes it has going on! Ahh what a beautiful, colourful, scrumptious cardigan, it just makes me happy not to mention the fact that it also reminds me of a pick and mix, which I know probably sounds really weird but there you have it! (food always on the mind haha). Also how does everyone still feel about creepers? Are they still acceptable to wear? I just find them surprisingly very comfy and so bloody flattering on the legs that I'll probably wear them forever! 
Okay so let's talk real life..   I've had the worst luck ever over the last few days, not only has my laptop broke, completely out of the blue resulting in me losing EVERYTHING :'( :'( And the TV in my bedroom also broke the day after.. Talk about unlucky eyyy! (Believe me, you did not want to be anywhere near me yesterday.. I was not a happy person hahah!). The most annoying part is that I've actually been super organised lately, anyone who knows me well, knows organised is definitely what I'm not.. I mean I probably couldn't be more unorganised if I tried hahaa but I'm still trying to work on it! So yes, I transferred most of the pictures from my phone to laptop before deleting them to free up some memory (the amount of times I go to take a picture and 'sorry cannot take a picture' pops up on my phone is redic!!) I also had a lot of outfit post pictures lined up on my lappy too, ready to blog and now they're all GONE.. Forever :(:(  why can't life just run smoothly eyy?  

So yes I'm about to go and catch a train to York now, drown my sorrows in many many cocktails and eat my own body weight in food. 


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