Thursday 25 June 2015


Jacket - Newlook | Crochet Top - Cosmicchick | Jeans - Topshop | Boots - Topshop | Hat - Accessorize | Sunglasses - Primark | Necklace - Jewellery party (not sure where it's actually from :(( )

All black EVERYTHAAAAANG.. Whoever said orange was the new black eyyy??! On that subject, who's loving the new series?? I must say I haven't really got back into it yet as I've only watched a few episodes and it's meant to get better as it goes on but that's partly because I'm massively obsessed with the walking dead atm.. Why have I not watched it sooner?! Addicted!! 

So this look is a lot smarter than my usual attire (minus the obvious ripped jeans) but what can I say, I'm a pretty casual sort of girl! I mean 9/10 your gunna find me in either, shorts, a skirt, ripped jeans or slouchy dresses sporting more festival/summer/vintage/bohemian/ beachy outdoor looks (if that even makes any sense? I have a very weird way of describing things :/) it's very rare you'll even see me in a very glitzy girly dress.. I can't even remember the last time I wore a pair of heels :/:/ mainly because I last about 10 minutes in them and I'm I can't feel my feet hahaha - am I normal?! 

So before I bore you all any longer let me tell you about the outfit deets.. On my top half I'm wearing this beauty little crochet number from Cosmicchick, definitely my go to top when the weather warms up, underneath my Newlook smart blazer style jacket. To make this outfit more wearable on a daily basis I teamed it with my ripped skinny jeans as appose to a smarter pair of trousers and lastly to break the black up I also popped on my free fedora and my sassy snake skin booties.

Definitely check out Cosmicchick here guys and have a good little mooch about on there site to find yourself the perfect summer crochet crop and many more beautiful pieces!! 



  1. Love this! The long coat is perfect :) and you can't go wrong with all black.

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  3. Really love this! You have great style!
    xo Jessica

  4. Those boots are gorgeous! Love the all black boho thing you have x


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  5. I love your hair and the "all black but funky shoes" combination :D