Tuesday 21 July 2015

'Its all about rocking those BELLS with confidence and some Mega 70's SASSSSS!!'

Bell Bottoms - PYLO (not available but similar pair here for only £12!!) | Top - Missguided | Bag - LaModa | Black Belt - Primark (£3 bargain) | Silver Belt - Charity Shop | Necklaces - Shop Little O & eBay | Sunglasses - Primark | Shoes - Asos (sold out) 

The seventies is definitely my favourite decade of fashion and I couldn't be more happy that gypsy tops and bell bottoms have made a MASSIVE come back!! Although bell bottoms/flares are undoubtedly one of my all time favourite fashion statements, I held off buying a pair for a little while as they're definitely not one of the easiest things to pull off and I'm not gunna lie.. I found them pretty bloody daunting (don't worry girls your not alone), I think secretly every girl is a little terrified at the notion of wearing them at first... Well unless your a Victoria secret model that is! But don't stress girls, we can all conquer them and look fabulous regardless of our differences, it's all about having the confidence to work them and spread some mega 70's SASSS!!

However the only downside and you have been warned girls is that a full course meal/ a lot of food is definitely out of the question when wearing these flared beauties! Especially if your greedy like me and can't help but keep eating way past the point of full and eventually reach that uncomfortably sick and extremely bloated food coma stage in which your only option is to lay down and stay there for the next 5 hours hehee (can anyone relate?).. Believe me, there's no hiding a food baby!

So are bell bottoms back to stay??! Can we keep rocking the seventies fashion era into the near future? What do we think girls.. Well I definitely won't be putting my bell bottoms, crazy prints, and gypsy top away anytime soon, will you? 



  1. Seriously crushing on your style, I too have been put off from purchasing a pair of bell bottoms but they look SO good on you!x

    Electra Violet ||

  2. Everything you wear is always so lovely, i understand what you mean about the eating situation. I recently wore some out on holiday and ended up looking slightly pregnant by the end of the night, oh well it was a good idea at first!

    Infinity of Fashion// Lucy Jane