Wednesday 29 July 2015

Who says jumpers can't be worn throughout summer?

Skirt - Topshop | Jumper - Sheinside | Belt - Charity Shop | Necklaces - eBay/ Jewellery Party | Sunglasses - Primark

Hello again my loveliessss, I'M ALIVEEEEE!!

(So just a quick little update on where I've been over the last week or so..) 

HALLELUJAH.. I finally have a laptop again which makes me extremely happy, I didn't realise how much I actually use and need it!! However if it was ever going to break it probably couldn't of happened at a better time (if there even ever is a good time for your laptop to break :/:/ right? :S:S) I've been pretty Ill over the last week or so :(:( with chronic sinus pain and sickness, so the thought of even staring at a phone/laptop screen was just out of the question.. I literally spent a few days hibernating in the dark which was bloody depressing in itself! I mean, if being Ill isn't enough to get you down then living in almost darkness for a few days definitely is! Eeee the the ridiculous things I put my family and boyfriend through.. however do they cope with me? Hehee! Oooh and not to mention my extremely embarrassing , very tragic drama at work last Friday in which I literally threw up.. on the shop floor.. of Newlook.. ALL OVER.. In my hair.. on a busy day.. Surrounded by people! - HAHAHAA! What is my life?! I literally wanted to crawl into a hole and die, not a fun time! - Anyways I've got carried away as usual boring you all with yet more stories of my life, so I'll stop blabbing now and let's clothes...

So I threw this outfit together a few weeks ago to wear for a day spent in York with my Bestie - BEST.DAY.EVER! Chats, drinks, food, drinks, goss, drinks, shopping.. and then more drinks.. sounds perfect right? 

The denim trend has been massive this summer and it's definitely not showing signs of slowing down any time soon.. 'Can I get a YAYYY!' So I've probably said this before in a previous blog post but hands down this Topshop style denim skirt is THE best and MOST flattering denim skirt that I have ever owned! So amazing in fact that I actually have exactly the same one in a blue denim too!(and also have my eye on the white version.. ooops!) From the minute I got my hands on this Topshop beauty I've literally been obsessed and find myself reaching for it daily! Aside from it being very flattering, comfy to wear and easy on the eyes, it looks good paired with virtually anything and is definitely my go to piece if I'm in a rush and need to pull together an outfit in seconds! 

Just because we're into summer now that doesn't mean we have to push all of our fave jumpers to the back of our wardrobes (well especially not if you live in England, right guys?). You can continue wearing your woollies throughout the warmer months, keeping them looking light, fresh and summery by simply flashing some skin pairing your jumper with a short denim skirt, funky accessories and your favourite sneaks!



  1. wowwowwowi love your hippiestyle so much
    you remind me of a younger Version of "nanda schwarz" a german Blogger
    youe hair is amazing and you are so in shape
    lovely skirt

    hope you visit my blog too <3

  2. Oh my god that Jumper is amazing!! I need to get one. Everyone needs a jumper in summer, love this post !