Tuesday 7 July 2015

YOUTUBE, Bargains and a little bit awkward...

Dress - Sheinside | Kimono - Aphrodite and ares clothing | Boots - Hidden Fashion | Bag - Car boot | Hat - Accessorize | Sunglasses - Primark 

BARGAINNNN aaalllleeeeeeerrrrtttt!! If you've followed my blog for a while, then you know I love a bloody good bargain.. Mainly because most of the time I have £0 due to the amount of clothes that I actually buy and also because the cheaper the clothes the more you can buy hahaha! (But on a serious note guys, I legit have a massive problem!! Ooooops!!) So yeah, every time I find a good bargain you guys are always the first to know about it! I've actually already shared these shoes on a previous blog post 'A full outfit for under £30' which you can check out here but if you're a new reader of my blog I actually got these beauties for only £7 :o :o WHATTT?!! Crazzzzzy right?! Ohhhh and did I mention this amazing green number was only £11? I'm on a roll with all these bargains lately!! 

So I just wanted to say that I know my blog posts haven't been that regular lately but I'm just settling Into my new job and after finishing uni for the summer two months ago in which time I did absolutely nothing, it's taking some time getting back Into being busy again having a lot of things on including working most days so have a lot lots of money to spend on clothes hahah! However I'm going to pull myself together and get back to posting a least 3 times a week again I promise!! .. ALSO I'm also toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel?? What do you guys think? I'm very nervous about it as I think I'll just be very awkward and act like a totally dweeb on camera hahaha, not to mention I can't stand the sound of my voice.. Editing would be painful hehee! Anyways It would include look books, hauls (I've actually just received my massive order from Sheinside with lots of amazing bargains in so I was thinking of doing a haul on that?) my daily makeup routine, morning routine, my full shoe collection and I've got lots more ideas!!! So yeah let me know what you all think and if any of you would be interested in it? 

Thank you for reading lovelies and enjoy your Mondays what ever you are all up to!!! I'm off to work now, booooo!!!!:'( very jealous of any of you guys off having fun! 



  1. I think a youtube channel would be great, im toying with the idea of starting my own soon! I love this green dress its such a lovely length :) http://shutterandscribble.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

  2. I've always considered Youtube too, such a huge market to break these days, best luck if you do go ahead with it! X

    Summer fun over at-