Sunday 19 October 2014

Shorts Sleeves and Shirt Dresses

 And some snaps from my lovely little day with my mama..
 (She treated me to these clothes below, such a little gooden!! Ohh and did I mention she picked out most of them herself, she definitely has the fashion eye!! I love shopping with her! Well these definitely got my a/w wardrobe off to a GOOD start!! Thankyou mammmmy!!)

How amazing?!?! I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE

YES this tasted as good as it looked!! Mmmmmm
 And then we had one cocktail.. and.. ANOTHER.. and.. ANOTHER and... oooops

 Shirt dress - Deep, Boots - TheWhitepepper, Hat - Accessorize

Okay so I've had a pretty crazy last few days, my life is just well.. Madness all the time!! I honestly believe I could have a reality show, it just wouldn't ever get boring! I really hate drama but it just seems to follow me bloody everywhere, its really not good.

So anyways my mama came up to see me for the day and we had such a good day! I love a good day with my mama! There always the best days!! We shopped, chatted, drank cocktails, ate really nice food, chatted a lot more and then... Someone STOLE my hat! Its hard to believe there is actually people out there like that! So yeah that kinda put a little downer on our day, boo!:( But it was still amazing and can't wait for my Mama to come up again!! May I just point out it was a pretty expenisve hat too - £30 I mean, thats alot to me and I was ummig and arring for a while as to whether or not to get it and finally I bit the bullet and it was mine. I mean in my head when you buy a hat you kinda have it for life unless your head drastically grow overnight and it doesn't fit, but there pretty slim chances of that happening so yeah £30 for something I'll have forever and wear most days as I did from the day I bought it, didn't seem bad to me! Anyways my little cute mama decided she'd treat me to another one bless her, love her to bits!! So it has been replaced and I'm very HAPPY about that!!

Okay so major paragraph rant over my hat, I do apologise but you anyways need a good rant, its healthy hehee! So yeah im just an unlucky person who happens to be in the same place as a hat stealer hahah silly as it sounds but true! speaking of unlucky ive just dropped my phone in the bath :( its currently in a bowl of rice but im praying people!!

so there's not really alot going on in this outfit but I just love this shirt style dress that I wanted it to do all the talking rather than hide it in accessories. It's from a cute little vintage shop near me (Middlesbrough) called deep, I believe theres also one in York and Newcastle but that's as far as i know! If anybody knows of any others please let me know?! Ohh I actually think there is one in Manchester too! So I really like the way my chunky black boots looked with this look, did I mention I also just got these boots in a sandy beige colour as I love and wear my black ones to death, here they are below...  Let me know what you's think!! And I finished this look off as I do most of my look's with a hat, becasue I just blummen love them hehe!



  1. Followed you a few days ago on insta and I absolutely loooove your style so obviously had to follow with my blog!
    Love this outfit, it sucks that your hat got stolen, can't believe there're people like that but the new one looks so cool!

    Maybe you could check out blog out and follow us back if you'd like?



    1. Thankyou lovely, I'm glad your enjoying it!! xx

  2. Love the title of your blog, love your style and your hair looks amazing...So inspiring blog:)