Thursday 16 October 2014

Short skirts and Shaggy coats

Top - Charity shop (£2!!), Denim skirt - eBay(search denim skirts there loads!!), Boots - Forever 21, Shaggy Jacket - Minkpink, Hat - Accessorize, Necklace tie - Miss Selfridge 

So we are (unfortunately) into the colder months now, time to start wrapping up!! Which means, lots of layering, trousers, thick tights and WARM coats!! ... and I've got my full legs out, great start amy!  However, my extremely thick coat definitely makes up for that!! I love Autumn (may I point out NO where near as much as I love summer!! I'm definitely a warm weather type of girl, sun shining, nice tan going on, who dominoes love summer?!) anyways enough drooling over summer and back to Autumn! So I just love all the crunchy yellow leaves, how its pretty cold but still bright and sunny,  and of course... HALLOWEEN!! (one of my fave nights ever, I just love dressing up, its so much fun and going out and seeing how amazing everyone else looks too, eeeeek!!) but yeah, Autumn is just such a pretty month!

It was a rather bright sunny day, and whenever I see the sun out I automatically just expect it to be warm (so out came the denim mini) and yup you guessed it, it really wasn't warm at all, infact it was bloody freezing!! :( (well come-on it is Autumn, what did I expect hehee!) So all this resulted in me stood freezing my bum off taking these pictures hehee! I hope you guys appreciate the things I go through just to get a good outfit snap. I also think this outfit would look really good with my mom Levi jeans, instead of the mini denim skirt for a more wearable, sensible, winter look! Unless of course your okay with catching pneumonia like me, then your all good to go!

This shaggy coat is a definite A/W must have!! Its so so SO warm and brightens up any a/w outfit!! So I'm really excited to wear this more over the rest of the year and into next! 


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