Wednesday 15 October 2014

small change

So I've recently just discovered this AMAZING vintage/thrift shop in Newcastle called small change, thanks to my bestie, Sean!! I just thought I'd share it with you because I find it so hard to find good vintage shops around, that are good priced and a decent size. This one for me just ticks all the boxes! So if anyone's ever in the area check it out!!

I got, well ended up with (you'll find out what I mean soon) two tops and a cardigan, as you can see from the second picture and it all only came to £8!! (Okay so I did buy another top, but I managed to somehow lose it from getting it out of my car parked on the drive, to getting it into my house, all in about 2 minutes.. tell me about it?! sometimes my life just amazes me!!) I've been wanting some basic vintage tees for a while now, I just love the way they look tucked into denim shorts, or with my mom jeans - perfect! I also got this beautifully flowered embroidered cardigan for only £4 and I just cant wait to wear it, stay tuned for a blog post on my new 3 babiesssss soon!! 


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