Wednesday 8 October 2014

Autumn leaves and midi skirts

Skirt - Boohoo, Tee - Topshop, Shaggy Jacket - Primark, Boots - Forever 21, Hat - Missguided

My boyfriend came up to uni to see me at the weekend which was really nice and of course, he was sucked Into taking more pictures as usual, hehee! (I'm forever grateful!!) Well, I had such a good weekend!! Which consisted of Shopping, yo sushi (my expensive addiction :( boo!) a Chinese takeaway, movies, the beach and my boyfriend!! All my favourite things!!

I absolutely love this skirt from boohoo!!! It's amazing!! From the colours, to the pattern, it was love at first sight hehee! Clothes definitely have this effect on me, it's really bad ha! Okay so this skirt is actually a full length maxi, but I really liked the way it looked midi with this look!! So I just rolled it up at the top and covered it with my tee, I'm very talented Hahaa!
I didn't want to go for obvious boho look with this skirt, so I toughened it up with my rock style crop and Forever 21 boots! These boots are definitely my new obsession, I wear them nearly everyday!! I definitely go through shoe phases, anybody else like that?! You can find them here!!

It was a pretty chilly day and I'm a little 'coldie' so this shaggy jacket went perfectly, in a missmatching, everything clashing kinda perfectly way if you get me hahaa! ( I realise I probably slightly confused alot of people there with my weird ways.. oops) Oooh and you'll never guess where it was from?? Primark!!! Which of course means it was a bargain.. BONUS!!



  1. OMG the print of this skirt is so cool, I need it ! I like the fact that you wore it with grey instead of black and nice idea to make it shorter, I think if I end up buying this beauty, I'm going to have it fixed, I love maxi skirt but this one doesn't look that nice as a maxi (that's probably why I didn't saw it on the Boohoo website !)

    1. Thankyou for the lovely comment, yeah I'd definitely get it fixed! It's such a gorgeous skirt just looks a lot better shorter in my opinion. Xxx