Saturday 13 June 2015

That White Shirt

Shirt - Topshop | Jeans - Topshop | Boots - THEWHITEPEPPER (Discontinued, try ebay or depop) | Hat - Accessorize (Discontinued) 

So when I saw only one of these shirts hanging up in Topshop it was definitely a 'That shirt HAS TO BE MINE' kind of moment.. This however tragically resulted in me resembling a crazy person as I ran over to grab the last one! (and let me tell you, running about in Topshop wearing platform boots, carrying about 20 bags whilst also holding your hat firmly on your head to avoid it flying off just isn't a pretty site hahaa) Thank god I didn't know anybody eyyy!! 

So I actually never thought I could love a plain white shirt so much, I mean my wardrobes about 90% colour. I'm usually always drawn to very colourful quirky pieces but there's just something about this shirt that I'm obsessed by and hey we all need a staple white shirt hanging in our wardrobes, right ladies?!

In the look above I've gone for a simple, smart, very basic look, which I'm really loving for a change as appose to my usual heavily accessorised, bold, unique style. However I also think this shirt would look really cool open over a bikini top with blue Levi shorts, shades, trainers and some groovy accessories.. STAY TUNED for that post!!


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  1. Your style is amazing, I have just scrolled through your whole blog getting inspiration!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane