Wednesday 3 June 2015

Vintage Trousers or Pyjamas??!

Fun Fun Fun Timessss 

Jumper - (bought off Depop but have no label) | Trousers -  (bought off Depop and again have no label :( ) | Shoes - Asos | Necklaces - Shop Little O, Pretty Twisted | Bag - Egypt (similar here) | Sunglasses - Primark 

 I'm a little bit obsessed with these trousers atm, I think they're actually comfier than some of the pyjamas I own.. Comfy and amazing, I've definitely found a winner! I instantly fell in love with the print on these trousers when I saw them on Depop a few weeks ago, admittedly I thought the style of these would be more of a tailored fit and at first was quite surprised at the three quarter flare style to them however I just think that touch makes them so much more interesting and unique. 

So I know a baggy top and flares is not always the most flattering option and I wasn't really sure if they'd work well together or if I'd end up looking like a giant .but I really love this combination together!! So to keep this outfit looking fab and not like I've lost my mind and walked out the house in my pj's, I had to dress it up a bit in the shoe department and jewellery department.. Who am I kidding, I'm just obsessed with layering necklaces and needed another excuse to wear these shoes for the 50th day running hahah

Also remember guys you can still get 10% of all Shop Little O orders using the discount code 'AMYHALLIMOND' so go have a mooch at all their amazing pieces!! 

Ohh and I thought I'd share a few pictures with you of my amazing weekend visiting my mama in Bradford. Hope you all enjoyed!



  1. Absolutely love this outfit - it's giving me serious inspiration!x

    Electra Violet ||

    1. Thank you so much lovely, ahh so glad!! Xxx

  2. I absolutely adore those pants! I'm always finding amazing little gems on Depop as well and they're always such bargains <3 Also in love with your shoes, I've been after them for ages but they're sold out unfortunately...

    xx Heather l l BlogLovin'

    1. I'm actually obsessed with them hahah such a good find! Aw me too!! I spend way too much money on Depop haa! Ahh really :( hopefully you'll get your hands on them soon!! Xxx