Wednesday 10 June 2015

Striped shirts and summer daysss

Jeans - Topshop | Top - Topshop | Shirt - Urban outfitters | Vans - Schuh (old) | Hat - Accessorize (not available) | Glasses - Ebay | Necklaces - Pretty Twisted / Ebay 

So let me just start by saying HALLELUJAH.. we finally have sun up here in the north!! Ahhhh that only means one thing for me, bikini on, sun lounger out.. It's sunbathing time!! So I thought I'd had my fair share of embarrassment when the postman decided to just walk around my back garden that day whilst I was sunbathing in a bikini but I think my incident with the window cleaner this morning definitely topped it! Ahh so awkkks, I don't think this whole sunbathing thing is working out for me very well hahaha just sums my life up really!!  Also my brother flew off to turkey yesterday and I'm extremely jealous, holiday hurry up!!!

Okay, enough of the rambling hehee!! So this was just a quick ootd that I put together at the weekend for what I thought would be a chilled BBQ and a few drinks, little did I know that a few drinks would turn into a crazy all nighter that I'm still recovering from hahaa! I didn't get chance to take blog pictures of it on Saturday so I got a few yesterday as I loved it too much to not share it!! It's a very casual outfit with all the pieces being very simple and when all worn together, it just works so well!! The glasses add that extra cool vibe and really complete the outfit, definitely my new obsessions (forgetting that in some lights, depending on how the light hits them they basically blind you and you can literally see nothing haha! I definitely don't recommend driving in them but otherwise LOVE!) Plus for £1 you can't really say no right??! (These glasses where featured in an earlier blog post 'a full outfit, including accessories for under £30' so for more Info and other amazing bargains check it out here)



  1. I spied a really similar shirt to that in Warehouse recently. Loving the stripes.

    Rachel |

    1. I'm obsessed with shirts atm!! Oooo I'll have to take a look! Xx