Thursday 23 April 2015

That Hippy Feeling

Tee - TheMountain | Socks - eBay | Boots - TheWhitepepper (discontinued) | Sunglasses - Primark  | Bag - Greece (Holiday present from my bestie) | Necklaces - Shop Little O, eBay and Pretty twisted

It's actually starting to feel like summer.. I mean I can actually walk around with my legs out and not freeze to death, or get stared at like I've lost my mind. This weathers amazing and I'm definitely guilty of prancing around my back garden in only a bikini.. You've gotta take advantage while it's here right?! However I did give the postman the shock of his life the other day when he decided to just let himself into the back garden with a huge parcel, instead of knocking first (like normal people do) therefore finding me laid In next to nothing singing along to the spice girls.. Absolutely mortified -.- !!

Anyways enough of the random chit chat about my sometimes tragic life haha! How awesome is this tee?? I just love the bright, colourful, quirkiness about it, its the perfect summer tee! The mountain is such an amazing site to find that perfect tee, and really well priced too - I think mine only cost me $22 and it's also where I got my moon and star tee from I've worn in a previous blog post (which I'll link here for any of you lovelies that haven't seen it or if anyone fancies another peak). Also If anyone's interested, I got my purple dog tee in a size XL then cut the hem off the bottom to give it a more worn, grunged look, as opposed to a perfect seam.

I completed this outfit with lots of necklaces, leopard print sunnys, my fishnet socks to add some edge to this look and lastly a contrasting beautiful red bag.


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