Wednesday 29 April 2015

A Full outfit, head to toe including accessories.. for under £30!!

Hello my loveliessss, so as promised here's my first ever 'fashion on a budget' post! Can you believe that all of these pieces together cost me just under £30 :O?? How friggin amazing?! A FULL OUTFIT head to toe.. we're talking accessories, socks, shoes, the lot!!

All the prices below include p&p 

Grey v neck tee - here (£3.15)
Moon necklace - here (99p)
Round sunglasses - here (£1.62)
Black shorts - here (£6.58)
Black kimono - here (£5.99)
Black sandals - here (£9.48)
Velvet scrunchy - here (99p)
Fishnet socks - here (99p)

You could snap up all this above for a total of £29.79 or for £30 (21p dearer.. just saying hahaa) you could have yourself this Topshop necklace below! Crazy when you look at it like that right? I certainly know what I'll be spending my money on...
Necklace - here (£30 + p&p)

I often go through phases of spending hours bargain hunting on ebay (which saves me a hell of a lot of money as you can see) to not visiting the site for months at a time.. a result of my laziness :(:( I mean it's certainly a lot easier to browse Topshop and find exactly what you're looking for within minutes, as oppose to scrolling endlessly up and down ebay. I've definitely been guilty on many occasions of paying a lot more for something due to ease, but a bit of time and effort definitely pays off. 

 I hope you enjoyed this post and found it somewhat interesting/useful .. keep your eyes out for my next one coming soon featuring an amazing denim shirt dress.



  1. thats a cool outfit and I love finding cool stuff on ebay when i´m on a budget, the only problem is that delivery takes ages and I sometimes forget what I´ve ordered haha. and I have bad luck with shoes and shorts from asia, they almost never fit me

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

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