Sunday, 12 April 2015

A dress and a kimono for only £2? YES PLEASE!!

Poncho - Topshop | Dress - Charity shop | Kimono - Monsoon (Bought of a Car boot) | Boots - The Whitepepper | Hat - Topshop | Necklaces - Shop Little O, Topshop

So the majority of this outfit cost me.. ONLY £2!! Crazzzzy right?! Yes both the dress and kimono were only £1 each, such amazing finds!! I mean my hat costs 10 x more than nearly my full outfit hahah.. talk about bargain buys eyy! I've never really been a massive poncho 'wearer' (does that word even exist? the more I sit and repeat it to myself the more I think it doesn't haa!) but my lovely mama bought me this beauty for christmas and I'm actually really loving this look.. ALOT! I also took some pics of the outfit without the poncho on to show off my fab bargain finds and show off a bit more of the outfit. 

Okay so I'm thinking of doing a series called 'fashion on a budget' on the blog maybe like once or twice every month.  This would include, full outfits head to toe for under £10 or £20, charity shop/ car boot hauls and bargain buys, cheap dupes and lots more!! What do you guys think? 



  1. Amazing

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  2. Love the outfits! And that hat gives the perfect touch!

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