Sunday 8 March 2015

Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me

Jeans - Topshop | Top - Backstreetmerch | Boots - TheWhitepepper | Hat - Missguided | Bag - Greece | Necklaces - Ebay, Shop Little O

Okay so I was having one of those days.. The 'I have loads of clothes but nothing at all to wear kind of days' we all have them right? So what better way to find an outfit than to have full access into someone else's wardrobe?! Even if it was my brothers hahah.. So I'm definitely planning on stealing this top! If I'm ever struggling for an outfit a rock tee tucked into either shorts, a skirt, mom jeans or over a skinny pair of jeans is definitely my go to look! 
So here I paired it with black skinny ripped jeans, a few necklaces, my all time favourite boots (which I'm actually putting up for sale on my Depop soon as I've to find a new pair.. Eeeeek!!! My depop name is - amyhallimond if anyones interested) and my elephant bag to add a splash of colour and bring the whole outfit together! 
I feel like I've said this far too often lately but I'm really sorry about my lack of posts :(:( I have one more week of hell and then uni work will finally take a turn for the better and I'll actually have some time to myself again and I can get back into blogging a lot more regularly. Anyway, back to essay writing it is for me:'(.. I hope your all having a much better sunday night!! 


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