Thursday 19 March 2015

Crochet cardi craziness

Playsuit - vintage shop | Cardigan - Rat&Boa | Boots - Dr martens | Hat - Accessorize | Belt - My grandads | Necklaces - Shop Little O and Ebay | Rings (blue and gold) - Voodoogypies

I apologise for the patchy fake tan on the back of my legs, but what can I say.. I was holding onto every last bit of that tan. Having a tan (or perfect fake tan) all year around would be one of the dreams but unfortunately I live in england :( and too lazy to be constantly fake tanning, I mean its such an effort haa! So I added this playsuit to my collection last summer and have been obsessed with it ever since!

 This Rat&Boa cardi will forever be one of faves and I cant wait to basically live in it again this summer, yess i'm never taking it off.. I even have it in white too for when the black ones in the wash hahaa!! Okay so I'm not that crazy but I do LOVE it!! Its been a while since Ive had my Aggy docs out but I just thought they went with this outfit perfectly.. their just those kinda boots we all own that hurt like hell to wear (no matter how many times I try to wear them in) but are just so amazing that you never want to let them go.. the struggle!

Lastly I just wanted to say how beautiful my gold and blue wire wrapped rings are from voodoogypsies. They sell some amazing pieces of unique jewellery which you can have a little mooch through here.



  1. Amazing! I really love your belt, looks so cool how you've styled everything!


    1. Thankyou hunny, so glad my grandad gave me it! Deffos one of my faves x

  2. really cool cardi and the shoes look fab as well xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts