Sunday 15 March 2015

I got that shirt feeling

Shirt - Topshop (no longer available in blue so I've tagged the red alternative) | Turtle neck - Urban outfitters | Leather look leggings - Matalan | Boots - Topshop | Necklace - Shop Little O 

So I need to start by expressing my LOVE for these amazing snake effect boots, how incredible?? Ive had my eyes on these babies for ages now but I've been really good trying to save money and their hefty price tag unfortunately was just not in my budget :( Anyway I've been really stressed lately with the crazzy amounts of uni work I've had that I decided I needed a good cheer up and what better what to make yourself feel better than some retail therapy?.. And so the budget was blown and my two months of savings went completely down the drain, but at least my feet look great right?! 

This shirt is definitely a people's favourite and I've had so much wear out of it!! After owning this shirt I can say I've definitely got the shirt bug, I just can't stop buying!! A shirt is definitely my new wardrobe essential and such a big trend at the minute! It was pretty chilly outside so I layered up with my urban outfitters turtle neck crop and leather look leggings. I'm currently counting down the days until I can wear this shirt with bare legs and some sneaks.. ahhh summer hurry up!! 



  1. Love your blog & style! I just came across this blog and I'm obsessed. You're beautiful and your style is timeless, edgy and unique... which I love! I've been looking for snakeskin boots like these for awhile and the way you styled them is AMAZING. The shirt completes the look! I have a question regarding your hair... Are you a natural brunette? Do you use any shampoo/conditioner/products to keep your blonde hair looking fresh and not brassy? I just recently went blonde from being a natural brunette and I want to keep my blonde hair fresh and ashy rather than brassy. Yours is perfect which is why I ask!! Thank you! <3 xoxo

    1. Aw thank you so much lovely, your too kind!! Ooh sounds amazing!! Well I was blonde when I was younger but now my natural hair is my root colour, a light brownish colour. I use Pro-voke touch of silver shampoo and conditioner on my hair (only once every few months atm but I need to start using it more) which you can get for like £2 from super drug. If you just want to take the brassy colour away I'd leave it on your hair for about 10-15 mins but if you want a more silver/very light look I used to leave mine on for about 40 mins last year lovely and absolutely loved the colour i achieved. I hope this helps and I'm really sorry that I've just replied xxxx