Sunday 4 January 2015

'Shopping is my cardio' - Carrie Bradshaw

Coat - Vintage shop in Bradford | Boots - River island | Dress - Missguided | Hat - Missguided | Choker - Missguided

Okay so here I'm wearing my amazing amazing amazing new coat that i got for Christmas off my Mama! And how blood fabulous is it?! Its THE perfect winter coat!! not to mention the inside lining is so fluffy and thick, which just keeps me so warm and cosy throughout these cold winter days!! Also have you noticed my new thigh highs?! Ahh there just the definition of beautiful whilst at the same time working wonders on the legs, two perfect qualities every pair of boots should possess. 

I'm also wearing my new dress from Missguided which I also received for Christmas along with a lot of other Missguided goodies!! I know you can't see a lot of it on these photos because it was freezing and taking the coat off was just not an option, but it is a long sleeved dress and has the most prettiest print to it! It's also very flattering on the figure as it has a skater style shape to it and the neckline works miracles on the boobs.. trust me! haha (It's currently only £14.99 so go snap it up ladies!!)

(Also really sorry about the quality of the images, it was later on in the day and the lighting was just awful :( but I loved this outfit and wanted to show you it regardless)



  1. The pattern of the dress is so pretty, also love your boots!:)

    1. Aww thankyou lovely!! These boots are my fave!! Xx

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