Saturday 24 January 2015

kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Top - c/o Revolva Vintage | Skirt - Adorned | Belt - Vintageous rags | Bag - Newcastle Christmas market (find the exact one here) | Boots - Docs | Silver socks - Topshop | Necklace - Shop Little O

So let me start my talking about this BEAUTIFUL top!! Ahhh I've been looking for something like this for sooo long, as you all know my love for turtle and roll necks and thanks to Revolva vintage this one can take me straight though to summer! (Being able to wear roll necks all year around.. YES PLEASE!!) It's the perfect top as you can wear a few layers under it during these colder months but it's also thin enough to wear throughout the warmer months too! Pair it with a denim skirt, some docs and a hat and you've got your perfect summer night outfit! So for any of you guys who don't know who Revolva vintage are, then their an amazing vintage shop based on both also asos market place and have their own online shop too! They sell some of the most stunning unique vintage pieces for both men and women and are definitely one of my new favourite vintage shops!! So if you want to stand out from the crowd and add some edge and originality to your style then check them out here and drool over all their insane clothing.. I know that's exactly what I'll be doing after this post!! ...A Roll neck and it's sparkly.. It just doesn't get better than that!

So I'm just in love with every part of this outfit today, I love most of the clothes I wear (well there's deffos been a few disasters in the past haha and then there's those outfits that you look back on which are so hideous but you just can't help but love them.. We all have a few of those right?) anyway back on topic - there's just something about this one!! I think it's the vintage feel and look to it, which I haven't had on my blog in a while. I was once absolutely obsessed with all things vintage, second hand, charity's shop stuff and it was definitely one of the first things that got me really into fashion and experimenting with it early on. I think lately I've got so hung up on all the amazing high street shops out there right now that I lost my love for vintage but thanks to Revolva Vintage and Adorned I've definitely got it back! So speaking of Adorned, that is where this beautiful skirt is from and I know it'll be at the top of some of your wish lists now because it's stunning! So to find more amazing pieces like this go take a look at their store here on Asos marketplace and enjoy...

Lastly I finished this look off with this beauty of a belt and my docs!! (which I got for only £40 off depop.. I'm all about the bargains!! So me and my brother had a cute little shopping/ dinner date at one of my fave little food places, the purple pig.. look how pretty it is!! The food was unbelievable and of course I had to get myself a cocktail ;) 



  1. I love love love this outfit! Both the top & skirt and amazing!

  2. SUPER CUTE BLOG! Yay love finding new blog with style that I can relate to!

    Newest follower <3 xxxx