Thursday 1 January 2015

cherry lips, crystal skies

Jumper - Charity shop | Jeans - Topshop | Hat - Missguided | Boots - Pretty Little Thing | Short necklace - Primark | Crystal necklace - Urban Outfitters (Cant find my exact necklace but this is exactly the same apart from it has a white crystal)

I want to start by saying a massive HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!! I hope you all had a good night, I certainly did, not sure I can remember all of it and I'm definitely paying for it today but those are always the best kind of nights, haha!! 

So onto the jumper.. can you believe that this beautiful piece only cost me £2!! :o:o I love a good charity shop little bargain find like this, makes me so happy and just makes all the expensive clothes worth the while. Yes, I'm in my topshop jeans again I literally can't take them off! there just to comfy and really flattering I find! I wore my PLT boots again as they went perfectly with this outfit, well any outfit lately I'm just obsessed with them! Lastly I'm also wearing my favourite necklace at the minute which is this beautiful pink crystal necklace on a long silver chain and I just have no words, I love any necklaces but this one is just A-MAZING! I've actually considered sleeping in it I adore it that much, although I'm not sure how much sleep id get if I did.. haha



  1. Happy New Year! I love love LOVE those boots, the lighter coloured front makes them so different. Your jumper was a great bargain too :)

    Louise /

    1. Happy new year back to you lovely! Aww thankyou, I'm obsessed with them hahha xx