Thursday 21 August 2014

Sangriaaaa with style

 Dress - Parisia, Boots - UNIF, Necklaces - Pretty twisted, Miss Selfridge and Kavos

So me and my brother took my mam out for her birthday last night to my favourite ever place.. Central Park! It does the most amazing food (I mean look how awesome my dessert looks?!) and the sangria well.. lets just say it was so nice I has a little bit too much! But hey, we were celebrating!! (God I sound like an alcoholic haha, I'm really not)

I picked this little beauty up from a shop in Darlington called parisia. Their stuff is really well priced!! – My dress was only £20 and I absolutely love it, I think the gypsy boho style is very in at the minute and this dress ticks all the box’s. They also sell lace bralets in black and white almost identical to the one’s in Topshop for only £15! They also sell a lot of the same shoes from Lamoda and other good copies too, so there definitely worth checking out! ô I'll definitely be popping in more often from now on!

Ohh and how gorj are my UNIF Neo boots? I got these off eBay for only £70! Happy days!

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