Friday 15 August 2014

Clothes AND Cocktails

 Top - Vintage, Levis - Vintage, Nike air's - Egypt, Necklace - Pretty twisted, Sunglasses - Topshop, Bag - Riverisland

Shopping and cocktails?! Two of my most favourite things.. eeek!! 

My brothers just turned 18 recently, so had a bit of spending to do, and as shopping's my most favourite thing to do, of course I offered to help him spend his money.. (and boy did he!) Unfortunately, I was just having one of those days where I couldn't seem to find anything worth spending my (left over Kavos) money on. (I admit I was feeling rather tight with my money that day, after spending so much money in Kavos :'( boo! However, when we hit the cocktail bar after a well deserved rest, well.. that's a different story hehee!) 

Anyhow, I was feeling rather lazy (which explains my really ratty, bed head hair.. oops!) so I wanted to go for a comfy, effortless look. As usual, I threw on my black Levis with this lovely purple top I picked up from a vintage shop a while back, I just think the detailing on it is really pretty and unique ++ I love the velvet look to it, I think it brings something really different!

Well I've been wanting some Nike air's for ages now, but didn't know if I'd get enough wear out of them to spend a crazy amount of money on them - So I thought I'd have best of both worlds.. (talk about having your cake and eating it) and picked these baby's up in Egypt for only £15 :o Personally I think there pretty damn good copies myself!! Anyone else or is it just me?! 
&& who knows, I may treat myself to a real pair one day.. if I'm feeling generous.


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