Monday 18 August 2014

Liberated Heart

All piece's - Liberated heart

How amazing are these 3 outfits?! I've been stalking their site now for months and lusting over these incredible pieces, but if you know this site then you'll know it isn't exactly cheap boo! :( Well anyway, I've just sold my Jeffrey Campbell Chinook gladiators :( I was very sad to see them go but I just wasn't getting the wear out of them! So, I thought I'd treat myself to these outfits in replace of my Jeffrey's. I know me, I'd of only wasted the money on rubbish and takeaways (Yupp! who doesn't love a good takeaway?!) now I have three new outfits.. YAYY! (enough rambling about my life.. again!! haha) 

Apart from the fact that their just well.. AMAZING! They can be worn to a variety of events, from festivals to a night out, on holiday, or you could even throw a jacket on to dress them down and wear them shopping. I absolutely love the eye for detail and cut of all these pieces, which makes them very unique and you would be sure to get heads turning in these numbers! I can't wait for these to arrive so I can style these baby's up and have them on my blog very shortly! 



They came YAYY!! sorry for the bad quality picture, the lighting was really bad! :(

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  1. Yes they seem very incredible dresses. Even the colors are nice. But one thing I want to say is that all the dresses have the same cut, I mean if you are spending a hefty amount, the dresses should be different.