Tuesday 3 October 2017

Technic Cosmetics // Prism range review

The collection includes:

💜2 Unicorn Horn Highlighter Sticks - Flash, Supernova Sparkle
💜Princess Powders – Fairy Sparkle Dust, Cosmic Cotton Candy, Solar Sister, Goddess Of The Galaxy 
💜Rainbow Highlighter
💜2 Metallic Unicorn Creams - Star Light, Shine Bright
💜3 Galactic Lip Glosses – Kiss My Sparkles, Ariel 4 Eric and Aurora.
💜2 Starry Eyes Eyeshadow Creams - Celestial and Ethereal
💜Prism Makeup Bag – Iridescent Croc effect

Ok so lets be honest.. I’m not exactly skilled in the makeup department BUT whenever I get the chance to get my hands on some new makeup products as exciting as these I release my inner BEAUTY QUEEN! I also can’t resist a HELLA good festival/glitter face… and GURLLLL (or guy) these Technic Prism cosmetics have you covered!!

So. I was lucky enough to receive a fabulous package from technic cosmetics a few weeks ago. This package consisted of their new Prism range which is A-MAZING, if your into all things unicorn and sparkle!! For any of you who haven’t heard of Technic Cosmetics before, they’re a UK make-up brand who offer a wide range of products for super affordable prices AND most importantly all their products are CRUELTY FREE!! So, if you have a weakness for anything shimmery and are partial to some MEGAA mermaid vibes, then these are the products for you!! You can check out the new Prism range here and have a good mooch through their products!

Here I'm wearing the Metallic Unicorn Cream in shadeStar Light on my cheek bones, above the brows and down the centre of my nose. 

My sparkling bag of goodies arrived in a beautiful iridescent make-up bag that’s a sure one to stand out from the crowd, and with a bag so FINEEE it deserved to be showed off to the world than see only as far as the inside walls of my bedroom. Not only do you get a massive revamp in the makeup department but also a fabulous addition to your bag collection too! By doubling up this makeup bag as a groovy clutch bag your sure to jazzzz up any outfit (as seen below). Yupp that’s right.. give me a makeup collection and I’ll find a way to fit it into my wardrobe somehow.

Without a doubt my favorite product from the collection has got to be the FABULOUS Rainbow Highlighter, the pastel rainbow colours are divine! I mean who doesn’t love a good pop of highlight? I’m a sucker for a banging’ highlight and this one just ticks all the boxes for me.. Gotta get that GLOW ONNN! My second favorite from the collection has got to be the Galactic Lip Glosses, I mean DAYUMM do they pack some SHINE. I received so many compliments AND man are they long lasting.. were talking about countless cocktails accompanied by lots of yummy food later AND my lips were still gleaming!!

Here, wearing the Galactic Gloss in shade, Ariel 4 Eric.

The prism range was inspired by all things colorful, eye-catching, and sparkle that will have you glistening from festival season right through to Christmas parties and ALL NIGHT LONG!! So GIRL (or guys), if your after a super FIERCE HIGHLIGHT, serious SPARKLE and a GLOW that will make your best features POP on the dancefloor, then this is the range for you! So if you want to release that inner DIVA then head over to www.techniccosmetics.com and be prepared to SHIMMER, SPARKLE AND SHINE like a true rainbow QUEEN!



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