Tuesday 19 September 2017

Saying Goodbye to Newcastle and All Things Summer

Skirt - Reclaimed vintage | Top - Urban Outfitters | Coat - Mink Pink (old) .. get the look at glamorous/Boohoo | Necklaces - AsosMissoula | Sunnys - Asos | Socks - Asos | Vans - Vans | Bag - Technic cosmetics

How have we reached the end of summer already?! :( Man time flies by! I mean the thought of colder, darker nights is pretty damn depressing.. am I right? Although I'm not ready to let bikinis, beach days, cocktails in the sun and that summer glow go for the first time in my entire existence I'm actually pretty excited for Halloween, bonfire night, and all the Christmas festivities to begin (mulled wine I'm coming for ya!). No but seriously if you know me well you'll know Christmas is not my favourite time of the year and I'm a summer gal through and through but I'm looking forward to what the end of this year brings! 

So before my wardrobe completely transitions into autumn/winter, enjoy one of my last few summer posts (plus a winter shaggy jacket.. because I mean I live in England after all, so who am I kidding if I was to say that I didn't wear a coat throughout most of the summer😁). 

Also this was the day I said goodbye to Newcastle (for now😎) where I've spent the last four years of my life at uni.. yup it was a pretty emotional day BUTTT I'm excited for what life brings next...