Monday 10 July 2017

Fly Away / Airport style

Trousers - Charity shop (Similar here) | Tee - Zara (sold out but find here) | Vans - Asos | Necklace - Topshop | Sunnys - River Island | Bag - Gran Canaria 

Ok, so let's forget for a minute that I'm actually incapable of planing my holiday outfits from beginning to end in a fairly chronological order, and rewind to the beginning of the holiday.. THE AIRPORT - I mean everybody loves a good airport outfit, right? And who doesn't love the airport? (on the way there that is) .. cocktails before you fly, a good nosey around duty free, your whole holiday ahead of you to look forward too, it's great! (The way back, not so great) So yeah, I mean you've got to think your outfit through, you want to be comfy - MAIN GOAL -while still looking stylish and rocking that whole Victoria Beckham chić look! So for me, these trousers were the perfect match and ticked all the right boxes. Next, pair with a comfy vintage looking tee (that's actually from zara) whack an over the top pair of sunnys on (because who doesn't like to look a bit extra in the airport? Haha! .. I mean It's your perfect opportunity to go all out Kardashian) Then lastly, finish off the look with some comfy shoes and a bag (that you battle with all day) big enough to fit in all that unnecessary crap you couldn't fit in your suitcase because you're already overweight.. (because a girl (or guy) can never have too much stuff right?) Thus a perfect airport outfit is born!