Sunday 2 July 2017



Okay so if you follow my Instagram (@amyhallimond) you'll know I've spent the last week in Zante with my gals having the BEST time of my life (hence the lack of blog posts) and I unfortunately touched back down in England a few days ago :(:( ... HOWEVER only to find out that I have graduated from Newcastle university with a 2:1 in physiological sciences and I couldn't be HAPPIER!! As you can imagine I haven't stopped celebrating since, definitely a great way to get over the old holiday blues! So yes, after a crazy few weeks I finally have a moment to myself and I'm excited to dive straight back into my blog and get some good content up for you guys!! 

Even though I'm home and I really need to face reality, I've been on such a high since returning that I'm not quite ready to let the whole holiday feeeelin' go just yet, (it's just a little bit too soon). So I thought why not do a blog post on each holiday outfit.. I mean it is summer and I'd happily wear these outfits out and about or on any nights out at home. Plus if it gives any one any holiday Inspo then I'm HAPPY!!

Ok, so first night, first holiday outfit..... 

Skirt - Urban outfitters (similar) | Fishnets - Primark (cut them into shorts) | Calvin Klein - Urban outfitters | Belt - Vintageous rags (similar) | Shoes - Asos (similar) | Sunnys - eBay | Necklace - Topshop 

I wasn't quite ready to bust out the bright yellow denim just yet (yellow required a tan) so I went for pink denim, one of my fave skirts! Oh and I couldn't resist busting out the fish nets - a must to spice up any outfit.. definitely my fave accessory go to! I finished this outfit off with some cool blue sunnys to add a fun/holiday vibe to the outfit, platform sandals and the trusty Calvin Klein's! (Oh and I've threw in a few other holiday pictures to get the holiday vibes going.)

..... Next outfit - BOAT PARTAAAAAYYYY


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