Sunday 10 May 2015

Which look do you prefer?? Bank hol weekend antics, lots of cocktails and crochet..

Hello my lovelies... So I thought I'd start this blog off a little differently and ask you guys 'Which look is your favourite??'.. 
This beauty of a top has already made an appearance on my blog a few months back and it'll probably be making another one at some point throughout the summer, it's just too nice to stay tucked away in my wardrobe!! So the main question is.. Which one do you prefer?

To check out my blog post on this earlier look on the right, click here.

And the fun beginssssss....

 This was a saviour!!

Crochet top - Rat&Boa | Jeans - Topshop | Cardigan - UNIF | Boots - TheWhitepepper (discontinued.. try depop!) | Necklaces - Pretty twisted & Ebay | Rings - Pretty twisted & Shop Little O

So I thought I'd do a little post on my bank holiday weekend in York - can I just do it all over again?! Is anyone body with me? So me and my boyfriend stayed on my boat for a few nights with friends and we certainly didn't hold back as you've probably seen from the number of cocktail pictures.. Oooops!!

So I'm wearing one of my all time favourite brands.. Rat&Boa!! I mean what more could you want in a crop top?! I've owned it for a while now and I'm still obsessed with it. I'm definitely not a wear something once get rid of it type of person, if I love a piece of clothing I love it and I'm gunna wear it forever.. Well until it's acceptable hahaa I don't quite think I'll still be able to pull it off at 80 eeeek!! So yeah I'm all about mixing my new pieces with my old favourites to and recreating new fresh on trend looks using a mix of old and new pieces.

It was a pretty chilly bank hol so I opted for my skinny jeans, but then decided to wear probably one if the smallest tops in my wardrobe.. Yeah I can't really justify how my brain works sometimes haha! However I did wrap myself up in my new absolute BEAUTY of a cardigan!! I've had my eye on this UNIF cardi for a while now and finally gave in last week.. I'm weak!!


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  1. IN LOVE with this top! ahhhhh I need it
    lovely outfit